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Feeding Guide

Most horses should consume 1.5% to 2.5% of their bodyweight per day according to their condition and workload. The following can be used as a guide:

Type Total amount to feed (forage & compound feed)
Overweight 1.5% of BW
Maintenance diet
Light exercise
Pregnant (0-8 months)
Stallion not breeding
2% of BW
Pregnant (8-11 months)
Growing horses up to 24 months
Lactating mare (0-3 months)
Heavy exercise
Stallion actively breeding
2.5% of BW

This total should be divided between forage and hard feed, with forage making up at least 50% of the ration. The following can be used as a guide, but remember every horse is an individual.

Level of Work Concentrate (% of total diet) Forage (% of total diet)
Maintenance 0-20 80-100
Light Work 0-30 70-100
Medium work 30-50 50-70
Hard work 50-70 30-50
Last 3 months of pregnancy 40-50 50-60
Lactating mare 40-60 40-60

The following chart can be used to approximate the amount of forage to concentrate, for a horse in approximately a 30:70 (concentrate:forage) ration.

Horse/Pony Details Feed Requirements
Approx Height (hh) Approx Weight (kg) Hard Feed per day (kg) Minimum forage per day (kg)
10-11.3 150-20 0.5-1.0 2.5-3.0
12-12.3 300-250 1.0-1.5 3.0-3.5
13-13.3 300-350 1.5-2.0 4.5-5.5
14-14.3 400-450 2.0-2.5 6.0-6.5
15-15.3 500-550 2.5-3.0 7.5-8.0
16-16.3 550-600 3.0-4.0 8.0-9.0
17+ 600+ 3.5-5.0 9.0+

Since forage can vary considerably, both hard feed and forage should be weighed. Remember to weight your feed and not feed by volume as some feeds weigh more than others. The following can be used as a guide.

  Approx Weight Stubbs scoop Large rectangular scoop Small rectangular scoop
Slice of hay (small rectangular bale) 2kg      
Large haynet 8kg      
Bale of hay (small rectangular bale) 20kg      
Small bale of haylage 25kg      
Large bale of haylage 200kg      
Scoop of cubes   1.5kg 1.5kg 450g
Scoop of mix   1.0kg 1.0kg 300g
Scoop of pellet fibre blend   500g 500g 150g
Scoop of chaff   250g 250g 75g
Double handful of chaff 250g

When feeding a balancer it is slightly different as you don’t need to feed as much to give your pony all the vitamins and minerals needed. When feeding a balancer use the following quantites. SPILLERS can be fed with ad lib forage unless the diet is being restricted.

SPILLERS GRO 'N WIN® feeding rates:

Growing Horse - Mature body weight 500-600kg Mare - Approx body weight 500-600kg Growing Horse - Mature body weight 300-500kg Mare - Approx body weight 300-500kg
6 months 0.5-1kg Pregnant 1-1.5kg 6 months 0.25-0.5kg Pregnant 0.5-1kg
12 months 1-1.5kg Lactating (1-3 months) 1.5-2kg 12 months 0.5-1kg Lactating (1-3 months) 1-1.5kg
12-18 months 1-1.5kg Lactating (3-6 months) 1-1.5kg 12-18 months 0.5-1kg Lactating (3-6 months) 0.5-1kg
18-24 months 0.5-1kg Barren 0.5-1kg 18-24 months 0.25-0.5kg Barren 0.5-1kg

Balancer rates

Size Approximate Weight (kg) SPILLERS Balancer (grams) fed with forage only SPILLERS Balancer (grams) fed with compound feed
Hands cm
12.2 128 200-250 200 100
13.2 138 300-350 300 150
14.2 148 400-450 400 200
15.2 158 500-550 500 250
16.2 166 600-650 600 300

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