We’re at panic stations! It is now very close to summer and we’re still very far away from our dream beach bod goal of total gloriousness. Turns out those extra 6 biscuits did have an effect and skipping the gym 6 years in a row probably wasn’t the best idea.

The ever convincing lie of ‘we’ll wake up early, go for a ride before work and then go to the gym on our way home’ was overrun by the temptation of having that extra half an hour in bed and driving straight home to eat cookies and watch films. But we can’t be that bad surely? Us equestrian folk surely don’t need to reach for that redundant gym membership just yet….

Mucking out

Mucking out. You either love it or hate it but it’s got to be done. If you’re not a lover of the task then perhaps knowing how many calories you burn will ‘spur’ you on…

If you’re one to simply ‘brush over the surface’ in a quick 10 minute muck out, you’re already on your way to burning around 76 calories!

Stepping up your game or have perhaps a few ponies to sort then 30 minutes of mucking out will lead to an impressive 228 calories being fried.

If you’re a keen energetic bean then you could burn up to 460 calories! However that’s only if you’re doing some high intensity mucking out for a full hour… not our idea of fun.



Enough of the boring stuff, how many calories do we burn from actually riding our horses?

If you fancy taking a gentle plod on your horse around the glorious countryside then you could be burning around 100 calories per hour whilst admiring the views!

Bit of a speed freak? Prefer the faster hack galloping up hills and jumping fences? If you fit the description then you’ll be burning up to 240 calories per hour.

If you’d rather stay on the yard and work on your flying changes then an energetic schooling session could burn a staggering 360 calories per hour.



Now you may be thinking ‘how could feeding my horse possibly burn any calories?’ well stop right there. If you’re going to be hauling 20kg feedbags around for 30 minutes then you are in for burning a whopping 155 calories.

Then you need to work out quantities of feed, weigh feed, sort the morning and afternoon feed…so we’re going to add an extra 20 calories on for all of the brain power involved! Phew just thinking about all of this hard work is exhausting… maybe one more biscuit.


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