Well if New Year’s resolutions are all about giving something you love up like food or wine or doing more of something that can be a chore like exercise a bucket list is about achieving all the things you’ve dreamt of doing. So here at SPILLERS HQ we thought we would ditch the resolutions in favour of a list of awesome horsey things we would like to achieve in 2018. Below is our list……..what will yours be?

  • Ride on a beach- There is nothing like the feeling of freedom that galloping along a wide open beach gives you, imagine you and your trusted steed playing in the waves as the wind whistles passed and the salty air hits your face and makes you feel alive. If this appeals why not look for a horse friendly beach, if you live a few hours from the coast there are a few places where you can stable your horse a short ride away and enjoy the beach for a couple of days. If this is the case you can book yourselves into a nice B&B and dare we say it even bring your non equine partner for a ‘mini’ break.



  • Set a goal with your horse- However small setting a goal will help you focus and give you the motivation you need to get up on those dark rainy mornings to ride. So whether it’s getting your horse used to hacking out on his own, learning some new lateral movements or entering your first 2* event make your goal SMART (remember that work course you once went on!) – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.



  • Revitalise your riding with some lessons – Even Andy Murray has a coach, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘I’ve ridden all my life so I don’t need any lessons’. Having lessons or coaching in whatever sport you are involved in will improve your performance hugely, it doesn’t even have to be about jumping more complex tracks or working on a dressage test it could help improve the communication and trust between you and your horse so he stops napping and spooking out on hacks (we speak from experience!).


  • Book a riding holiday-Ever fancied seeing the world on horseback? Why not look at the destinations you can explore, some of which include Iceland, Patagonia, The Inca Trail, India or do fancy exploring the wine region of France? You may also be introduced to some unusual horse breeds too such as Icelandic horses or India’s Marwari horses with their distinctive ears. So why not grab a coffee, a world map and some brochures and get booking!



  • Volunteer at a local equine related charity- It’s a sad fact that there is an equine welfare crisis in this country with fly grazing being a particular problem so why not do your bit by volunteering at a local equine charity but remember you can’t rehome them all!!


Volunteering with horses


  • Hold a yard coffee morning- Riding can be a solitary pastime so why not get social (and we don’t mean on your phone!) and organise a yard coffee morning with cake of course!! You could combine it with a yard tidy up, jump painting or some satisfying power hosing well you have to do something to earn the cake!!



  • Attend a major horse event- Why not plan to attend a horse event not only are they a fantastic spectacle but they are great for shopping too! Options include Badminton, Hickstead, Royal Windsor, Burghley or why not plan to get back in the Christmas spirit and go to Olympia.


International horse trials


  • Try a new discipline – You know what they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’ so why not try out a new discipline. Dressage will really help your show jumping and popping over the odd jump will keep your dressage horse on his toes. Or try something more unusual like vaulting, polo, Horseball or Le Trec!!



We hope our list has helped to inspire you with something new you can achieve with your horse in 2018! Happy New Year from everyone at SPILLERS.