Archives: February 2018

Why understanding your horse's

Dr Pat Harris, Director of Science here at SPILLERS, gave...
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The Saddle Research Trust

A change in your horse’s performance or behaviour may be...
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How to build your horse's cond

If the recent cold snap has left your horse looking...
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[Dine & Shine] Meet the Conditi

Back in December we recruited some of you lovely horse...
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[Dine & Shine] 5 ways to create

What’s better than someone complimenting you on your luscious locks?…someone...
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Top tips to improving your dressage

Want to be top of the leader board after you’ve...
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[Dine & Shine] Shine from withi

Just like a new car or a sparkly diamond ring...
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Taking your horse on holiday

With foreign travel becoming more expensive, staycations have become increasingly...
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