Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a stallion at stud – what’s their routine, how do they get in the mood to ‘produce the goods’ and what do they do when they are not ‘performing’? Well with the stud season well and truly in full swing; the grass smells fresh and the hormones are high, we are off to Stallion AI to catch up with one of the resident stallions….here’s what they had to say…

Every year I go on holiday and meet up with my friends, it’s the best dude ranch I’ve ever been to and boy have they done it up it’s like a 5* hotel with huge rooms, spa facilities, gym and a paddock all of my own, I could really get used to this!



I enjoy waking up to the pink sun rise over the Shropshire countryside, it’s peaceful here. The day starts when the humans in coats come in to serve us breakfast, once breakfast has gone down the fun really begins… one by one we’re bandaged up and led into the black room where we’re greeted by a beautiful mare she smells so good it’s all very exciting! The mare is whisked away and I’m led to an obstacle of a very similar shape, I’m not really sure what you’d call it but I hear them say dummy mare? I jump on and do what I do best, I have the support of the humans in coats and guided down safely. I’m led back to my room and given a lush pile of hay to munch then I lie back for a doze, not a bad morning at all.



I wake to the lively energy of the hotel, there’s lots going on, my friends walk past heading to their private paddocks, off to the gym for a few laps round the merry-go-round, to the weighing room, shower or the sauna there’s something for all of us and we even go hiking round the countryside or if we fancy a work out we have the sandy arena to strut our stuff.

Some of my friends come and go and some stay for the whole holiday like me. There isn’t much time to miss home and there’s always something to do. I’m looked after like a king (the way it should be!) I’m always fussed and pampered by the people in coats I’ve come to know as my family. There’s no messing mind, they run a tight ship and I’m soon told if I’m feeling mischievous (hehe!).

I love going outside and feeling the heat of the sun on my back, the grass is delicious, I have my favourite rolling spot and corner to sleep in. I like to play a game catch me if you can… the humans love this!



We often have people come and look round the hotel and we’re always asked for a photograph, well I am incredibly handsome I can’t really blame them. We’re filmed too, that’s another fun game to play, how much can we get the human’s attention when they’re talking to the camera hehe! This always makes them laugh. They like to play fetch too, bringing my ball back to me after I’ve scored out the window…goal!



I’m brought out my room and taken to the merry-go-round for my daily exercise, I watch the countryside go by as I walk along at a good pace. I go back to my room, tea won’t be long, yum! The day starts to slow down and everyone settles in for the evening. Some of my friends are taken out for a hike around the countryside in the cooler evenings, I like watching them go and feeling the breeze on my face.

They come back, we’re all wished good night and hit the hay, resting up for another day at Stallion AI.



Stallion AI Services are the UK’s largest equine semen storage and distribution centre with frozen semen available from over 1,200 stallions (available for both UK and worldwide). With big names standing such as Ramiro B, Arko III and Big Star as well as stallions representing endangered breeds available they are the future in equestrian talent. To find out more about the services that Stallion AI offers please visit http://stallionai.co.uk/.