If you own a car and you own a horse, chances are the combination of the two equates to a clean well-kept horse with matching sparkling stable and a disastrously filthy old banger of a car. Whether it’s an unintentional mess (your yard boots are not your friends) or fully embracing the country life by storing all of your yard possessions in the boot/back seats/front foot well, your car will eventually reach new levels of chaos. Embarrassing as it may seem, it would appear to be a common trait amongst horse owners….

Car wardrobe – Honestly this one may apply even if you don’t have a horse. When you live in the countryside and rely on your car, it quickly becomes your portable wardrobe (it definitely does for us). You’ll fill your car with spare jackets and jumpers for those chilly winter mornings and spare ‘normal’ clothes when you want to squeeze in a ride before work/a social event. Not only will your car be your own personal wardrobe, it may even become your horse’s wardrobe too. Filled with spare boots, that saddlecloth you’ve been meaning to wash for a month and a random selection of bits you bought on a whim but have never used.



Transportation….of your horse’s feed/hay – sometimes you can’t get a delivery of hay and your impressive levels of disorganisation have left you without both hay and feed. Even you’re impressed with your level of skill. It’s time to turn to your trusty vehicle who’d never let you down and definitely matches the ability of a tractor. As long as you’re committed to the clean-up process afterwards, this one is a doddle. Whack your seats down, grab some bailing twine and head out to collect your hay. No problem.


Washed once a year? – Look we all know the deal, you go to the yard twice a day. In summer it’s dusty and in winter it’s wet mud. Even if you do wash it, the very same day (post trip to the yard), it would be back to its former muddy glory. We’re not suggesting you never wash your car, but I think we can all relate to this problem and sometimes washing it every week isn’t a viable option. So if you pass another mud sodden car, just smile and wave with a sense of understanding and underlying pity for your fellow equestrian.



No Land Rover? No problem! –  Feel like you’re missing out when you see people off-roading in their 4×4’s, taking hay down to their fields in their cars instead of having to haul a giant hay net down for their horse? Fear not, although your fitness levels will peak from carrying a hay net for what feels like 10 miles, we have an alternative solution if this doesn’t suit you… You may have to sacrifice your tyre pressure a tiny bit (you’ll definitely need to keep an eye on this), but never underestimate to power of the small roller-skate-type car. These light little cars are perfect for negotiating the yard terrain. So for those days when you can’t face the trek, just load up and have faith in your little car.

Even if you try your upmost to avoid getting even a hint of yard life into your car, one pesky scrap of hay always manages to find its way in somehow. But we wouldn’t change it, not one bit.