We are all familiar with the phrase ‘too good to be true’ and unfortunately, the idea that some balancers will provide more energy for work whilst still being ideal for good doers is one such myth.

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Energy = calories

Energy and calories are exactly the same thing which means it is possible to feed more of one without the other. Balancers are ideal for good doers because they provide a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals and limited calories. However this also means they provide a limited amount of energy too.

 Feed Balancer

How much energy is in a balancer?

On a kilo for kilo basis, balancers may contain the same amount of energy as a racing feed but due to the low feeding rate, the amount of energy actually consumed is negligible, even if they say ‘performance’ on the bag. In fact, the recommended ration of low energy ‘Horse and Pony Cubes’ is approximately 6 times higher in energy than the recommended ration of balancer.

Feeding rates


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