Every day is a special day with our horses, but having had some truly brilliant submissions for our recent competition and in celebration of the launch of SPILLERS Daily Fibre, we wanted to continue the festivities by sharing the winners of our Daily Moments competition and some more of our favourite submissions below!

The Daily Winners...

Day 1: Elinor Chalmers...gets a big kiss!


Day 2: Miranda Toben...always enjoys her mud monster!


Day 3: Debra Message...loves nightime cuddles


Day 4: Andrea Hartley...it's the simple things in life


Day 5: Janice Gerrard...when her boy is happy, she is happy!


Day 6: Rachael Bratt...appreciates the tender moments


Day 7: Hannika Coates...just appreciates being in the saddle for a peaceful ride


Day 8: Sarah Armstrong...every moment is special


Day 9: Gemma Williamson...seeing that cheeky face


Day 10: Hannah Price...that gentle whicker always pulls on the heart strings


And just a few more that made us smile...


Name: Carole Stewart
Special Daily Moment: "When I arrive to catch him out the field - everyday he makes me smile - he's the best therapist EVER" 

Name: Steph Daly
Special Daily Moment: "Major my Rottie Pup leading my 22 yr old mare (who hates dogs) to the field!"

Name: Liz Freeman

Special Daily Moment: "Just looking through these beautiful ears!"

Name: Samantha Fish
Special Daily Moment: "My favourite moment is the second I sit in the saddle on my horse Mac, he had a career threatening injury so now every moment is a bonus!"

Name: Kathryn Bradbury
Special Daily Moment: "When I turn Landa out to the field, she always stops and looks back at me, then walks out to the field, rolls and then canters off with a little flick of her heels. Magic! The picture is of her having a catch with her 'husband' Monty. Landa is the dark bay."

Name: Andrea Richardson
Special Daily Moment: "My favourite daily moment is muck-picking our paddock and playing 'guess the poop'....it may seem weird but I can identify soooo much!! Too much turmeric, too many carrots (oops n yuk) and a 'just right' poop from my Connie who I have to ensure has enough fibre and water in his diet (water monitoring and high fibre diet)....we would love to win this prize as fibre is so key to my poop-fetish (pic to show how silly we are)"

Name: Emma Nelson
Special Daily Moment: "My Lusitano, Xicote, is not the most cuddly of horses. He is a huge character and has quite an 'expressive' face and is known for pulling some truly fantastic expressions. One way that he does like to express his affection for me, his Top Servant, is by giving me a massive wuffly kiss on my face when I go to catch him. Usually covering me in lovely green saliva in the process. I get a full nuzzle make over and then when he is quite done he looks very pointedly at his head collar and waits aloofly for me to hurry up and bring him in!"

Name: Jacky Roberts
Special Daily Moment: "As a child my dream was to own a horse and to be able to ride on a beach! At 35 I finally got my horse Kane and then 3 years ago I moved to a new home which is yards from a beach!! Now every day I get to live my dream...and it still gives me a huge smile and a thrill."

Name: Anna Saunders
Special Daily Moment: "Being greeted by this cheeky face looking for mischief!"

Name: Emma Zwetsloot-Quarrington
Special Daily Moment: "To see my horse happy and free in her own world!"


Do any of these moments remind you of your horse? Tell us about your most cherished moments in the comments below….