Top 5 horse themed TV shows from the 90’s

We’ve come up with the ultimate list of horse themed TV shows from the 90’s and it’s left us feeling pretty nostalgic! How many of these do you remember and love? Perhaps we should start a petition to get them re-made…

Home Farm Twins

Who remembers this children’s TV series that was on the BBC from 1999 – 2004? It featured twins Hannah and Helen, who had recently moved to the village of “Doveton” from the big city “London” and followed their adventures growing up at Home Farm.  The twins struck up a good friendship with local boy Sam from Crackpot Farm who teased them for being ‘townies’, but the girls soon threw themselves into the country lifestyle by taking on pony Solo…

The Silver Brumby

Shown on BBC 2 in 1999, The Silver Brumby followed Thowra, a silver Brumby colt, his brothers Storm and Arrow and their friends in their continued quest to resist man’s effort to capture them. Wonderfully animated and with a pretty catchy theme tune we were all gripped and rooting for Thowra to remain free, but there was also a small part of us that wished we owned such a cool horse too…

The New Adventures of Black Beauty

The series ran from 1990 – 1992 on ITV. Apart from featuring a black horse called Beauty, that’s where the similarity with the original Black Beauty ends. Predominantly set in New Zealand, the series follows the Denning’s family, dad Nigel, step-mum Jenny and 12 year old daughter Vicky as they relocate from England to New Zealand to live on a farm. The first few episodes are a bit traumatic as firstly, Vicky has to say goodbye to Black Beauty (gulp) who they are leaving behind in England. Nigel then leaves ahead of Jenny and Vicky, so that he can prepare the farm for their arrival. However, news comes that the ship he is travelling on has been wrecked, but some of the lifeboats were deployed so there’s hope he’s alive (gulp gulp). Therefore, Jenny and Vicky continue with their plans to travel to the farm, but shortly after they arrive, they receive a letter from a family member in England saying that Black Beauty has died (gulp gulp gulp!!!). Though it all turns out alright in the end as after their three bits of bad luck, a partly wild black horse turns up at the farm with the same markings as Black Beauty, so that’s what Vicky decides to name him (original!) and together their adventure truly begins. Fortunately, Jenny’s father also turns up alive and well in episode 4!…

Chatterhappy Ponies

First aired in 1996, the series ran for 2 years. The main stars were ‘talking’ ponies Sparky, Daisy, Strop and Trigger, followed their adventures living at a riding school. Every child watching had their favourite pony, ours was Strop…which one was yours?…


Moving away from kid’s TV shows, who remembers the BBC’s series Trainer which followed the lives of racehorse trainers, jockeys and stable staff. Although the series concentrated very little on the actual horses, and wasn’t very realistic as the jockeys and grooms were always far too clean, it was highly entertaining for the forbidden love interests and other scandals as Mike Hardy (the main character) tried to make it to the top in horse racing. We are still traumatised after a fire at the stables in which several of the horses didn’t make it! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any footage, but it was too good not to include in our favourite horse themed TV shows from the 90’s.

Which was your favourite?

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