It’s upon us, Friday 21st June is the official “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” for 2019. For the team at SPILLERS® though, we’re lucky enough to be able to bring our four-legged friends into our offices every day. Don’t worry though, we keep them away from where our hard-working team make all of our fabulous SPILLERS® feeds!

Let us introduce a few of our regular furry visitors:

Barkley Rupert – He loves helping out the Marketing team if he’s not off looking for some tummy tickles!

Roxy – She loves taking part in the accounts team meetings and finding a nice comfy desk to sleep under

Tigger – He loves to spread out in the office meaning you have no choice but to give him a cuddle if you want to get past – not that you could resist a cuddle anyway!

Doris – She loves to come to coffee morning and likes having her own chair at meetings












We love having dogs in the office, but not just because they’re cute, although that definitely is a plus! Here are some reasons why having dogs in the workplace can actually be beneficial:

1 – Stroking a dog has been proven to reduce stress so having a dog in the office could act as a great stress reliever for the entire team.

2 – Dogs will need regular comfort breaks, so by having them in the office, it encourages you to take regular breaks and get a bit of fresh air and even a short walk which is great for your wellbeing.

3 – It’s good for the dog. Dogs are social creatures so it’ll be a positive experience for them just as much as for us humans.

4 – They’re great for encouraging social interactions. If you were to walk past your colleague’s desk normally, you may find you don’t often stop and say “Hello”, but if they had their dog with them, you’re almost certain to stop to say “Hello” to the dog as well as your colleague which will be very beneficial for working relationships.

5 – It’s great for overall morale. Who isn’t automatically happier when they see a dog? We find that the team and any visitors automatically smile when they see one of our furry helpers and if it makes people smile, then that’s a good enough reason for us!

To find out more about Bring Your Dog to Work Day, you can visit the official website here: