Horse Ownership

Horses or Partners – you decide!

This Valentine’s Day, who is dreaming of going on a...
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From Groom to Professional Rider

Following on from the first part in this series where...
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Being a Working Pupil - part 1

Spending time working with a professional is a great way...
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How to burn off the Christmas Calor

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year...
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Winter survival tips for horse owne

Whilst we may relish an opportunity to stay at home...
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A day with equine physiotherapist J

We asked physiotherapist Janet Barton all about her job, why...
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SPILL the Beans: Millie Bowles on q

12.2hh Welsh B Cottrell Riverdance aka Ronnie is 21 years...
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7 reasons why senior horses are sup

Senior horses deserve to be celebrated! Whether they are still...
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When does a horse become old?

With terms like senior, veteran, aged and golden oldie used...
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