The team at the WALTHAM Equine Studies Group give vet's some advice on what to look for when suggesting or recommending the use of supplements to horse owners.

Which supplement is best for my horse?

Appropriate nutrition and feeding management is both a science and an art. With many opinions available and a plethora of products available in stores and online, the horse owner can often be left bewildered.

With changing trends, impactful advertising or boastful product claims, deciding what to feed a horse is difficult and clients may seek impartial advice from their vet. But are you as confused as they are?

The science behind supplements

A recently published review gives an overview of the anatomy of the equine digestive tract with a nutrition perspective, highlighting nuances to the horse. Nutritional tips for veterinarians (Equine Veterinary Education) then discusses a few key practical areas of feeding practices. Written by Dr Pat Harris, Head of Equine Research at the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition and Director of Science for SPILLERS , and Dr Catherine Dunnett, from Independent Equine Nutrition, the freely available review hopes to provide a useful resource for vets wishing to consolidate their knowledge of equine nutrition.


The full review

The review looks into forage requirements, prohibited substances, analytical content and complementary feeds including 'supplements'. Read the full review or find out some helpful hints and tips on what to look for when trying to answer the question "Is there really any science to support this active ingredient in my supplement?".

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