It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas songs a-listening, tinselled tack is glistening and the underneath of the tree is filled with presents! But our four legged friends deserve some festive horse treats too, so whilst we’re filling up on mince pies and turkey, here are some ultimate Christmas classics that your horse will love:

Treacle Smothered Carrots

A personal favourite, the classic carrot dipped in treacle can never go a-miss! Simple you may think, but nonetheless satisfying to the sweet-toothed consumer. (Although, we can’t advise enough that these are only for Christmas!)

Hanging Treats

Whilst you’re munching on the chocolates off of the tree, why not make things a little more interesting for your own reindeers (horses) by drilling holes into parsnips, swede, or carrots, and hanging it in your stable for your horse to enjoy.


How about decorating the yard with stockings to fill with all of their favourite treats? Thoroughly spoil your ponies with an array of carrots, mints and apples to lead them happily into the New Year!

horse stocking


Treat balls

If none of these traditional treats take your horse’s fancy then why not allow them to indulge on the specially formulated treats designed by the SPILLERS team. If you’re in a rush and keen to return to the festivities at home, put some treats into a treat ball to provide entertainment for your ponies for hours!

nnn 028p

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from everybody here at SPILLERS!