Last week, our Senior Nutritionist asked her non-horsey father to go and give her home kept horses their late hay nets as she was staying away from home and wanted them to have plenty of forage to keep them going through the night. At 10.30pm he text her to say that he had given the horses their hay and would pop back at 12pm to turn off their lights. Confused by this, she enquired why he had left the lights on, which he responded, ‘so that they could see their hay’!

As horse owners, we’ve all been faced with seemingly silly comments or questions, but actually what may seem obvious to us who live and breathe equestrian, may not be so for the non-horse initiated (who we like to call huggles)! This got us talking in the office and we came up with a list of common misconceptions and anecdotes…

    1. Do ponies grow up to be horses? This is a very common misconception, which is easily cleared up by asking them what they think a foal is!



2. “Why are the horses in the field blind folded?”....”Nooo, it’s a fly mask!” … “But can they see through it?” … “Yes of course!”



3. What must go through a huggles mind when you tell them that you’re going to “lunge your horse tonight”!

4. Why have you given your horse a strange hair cut? …A.K.A a clip.



5. “Horse riding is easy!” “The horse does all the work!” “You just kick and pull the reins!” ...groan!

6. “You’ve been riding for 15 years, why do you still need lessons?”...we just do ok!

7. Getting ready to rob a bank, fancy dress or a caped crusader? ...these theories are more fun than the simple keeping them clean and warm answer.



8. Dressage is ballet for horses! Actually we kind of agree with this one as it take years of practice to accomplish and a lot of strength and flexibility.

9. If only we had a £1 for every time a walker panicked us by telling us there is something wrong with one of the horses in the field only on inspection to see that they were just having a snooze!



10. Huggles often call rugs - coats, forelocks – fringes and someone in our HQ actually asked if a feed scoop was called a horse wok! ...though we can see why he asked this...


11. Why are Horse & Pony Cubes called cubes when they are shaped like cylinders?…good point!

12. “He’s asleep, but he’s standing up?” – Top fact, they only need to lie down when they require REM sleep!



13. And finally, who remembers the memorable quote from Alan Partridge, "Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That's English for stop a horse!"


So that’s our list of amusing questions / anecdotes but which ones have you heard or are there any missing from our list? Let us know in the comments section below and we shall add the best so that you can share this list with any huggles you know to save yourself from having to answer these questions again in future.