It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and we know how important it is to impress your date on their first visit to the yard, and more importantly, their first encounter with your true soul mate! Here are some tips to help you woo your valentine with the aid of your horse:

Picking the right outfit

Unfortunately your favourite, well worn, comfort number may not cut it this time, but there is no better way to show off those curves in a pair of well-fitting jodhpurs! Try to remember your gloves, clean finger nails are a must for that posh dinner you have been promised later on. Muddy, comfy yard boots might have to stay at home today. Dig out your long leather riding boots for a classic look.

The first encounter

First impressions really do count! If your horse has a tendency to get loose and take himself off for a little trot round the yard when you catch in or as you step into the stable, be prepared to style it out or improvise. You could always show off your athletic skiing side when skidding along on the end of the lead rope for instance!

The Mount

Sorry boys and girls, the only mounting on this date will be from the mounting block onto that trusty steed! Try to make this as elegant as possible, ideally without your horse walking off until you are safely secured in your stirrups.

Show off your ‘wild’ side

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show your date the real meaning of ‘horse power’. A quick canter or gallop round the school, as fast as you can, has to be a winner! What about setting up a quick show jumping course? There is nothing more impressive than a clear round?! If you get a little over ambitious and ‘choose’ to dismount, demonstrate your gymnastic skills with a ‘tuck and roll’ across the school.

Around The World

So your date is boasting about their amazing life changing trip to outer Mongolia….well they haven’t seen anything yet! What about a quick session of around the world to show off how agile you are in the saddle followed by an elegant dismount.

The final kiss goodnight

With your horse of course!!! Impress your date with some of those awesome tricks you’ve taught your horse, a kiss on the cheek maybe, or even on the lips if you can get them to take a treat from your mouth to theirs!

With these tips under your belt, how could you fail to impress your date this Valentine’s Day!

Tell us about your Valentine plans in the comments below… will you be venturing up to the yard with your date or will you be indulging in the peace and quiet, spending some extra quality time with your horse?