Google and YouTube are a riders best friend for all the latest updates on equipment and “how to” videos, but technology is improving and even more so in the equine world! One of the most talked about topics on yards these days is how exciting and useful equine apps available for smart phones are.

With this in mind, SPILLERS has done some digging to find you the top 3 equine apps on the market now.

apps for horse lovers

  1. The app to keep organised - Stable Mate

Kicking off our list first is every horse owners must have app; Stable Mate.

The Stable Mate app has been specifically designed to help manage your horse’s day to day routine whilst offering fun and useful features such as a GPS “Track My Ride” tool which even allows you to share your hacking routes with friends on Facebook.

You can set up a tailor-made routine and calendar for your horse by entering important information about your horse's health such as his worming, vaccination, farrier and dentist dates and Stable Mate will automatically remind you of any upcoming appointments! Nifty or what? With Stable Mate on your phone, all you need to remember is to tighten your girth before you gallop!

  1. The app to stay safe - Ride and Seek

Finally, a proactive and innovative approach to improve the safety of vulnerable road users is here! App developer, Baxsoft Ltd, have recognized that horse riders, amongst other road users, require protection from oncoming road vehicles. Ride and Seek is a real life hazard detection app designed to alert drivers by an automated voice that a horse rider, pedestrian or cyclist are ahead. The only catch is that Ride and Seek will only work if all road users download the app on their phone.

If all road users choose to use this brilliant app we’re sure that many of us happy hackers will feel more at ease, especially along those nerve wracking, windy, country roads.

  1. The educational app – Riding Horses (by Riding Horses with Kathy Slack LP)

If you want the luxury of having your own qualified riding instructor on hand 24/7 to help you improve, look no further than the unique learn-while-you-ride app, Riding Horses with Kathy Slack. Kathy Slack is a worldwide known, professional riding coach and equine enthusiast who is based at her two riding facilities in Austin, Texas.

The Riding Horses mobile app offers various flatwork lessons and training methods taught by Kathy which you can take to the manege with you. The app offers a choice of either video lessons or audio lessons with still photography, giving riders the option to learn in a way that best suits their individual style.

Do you use any equine apps? If so, let us know in the comments below!