Considering a change in careers? Wanting to incorporate your love for horses more into your daily life without adding extra mucking out? Maybe you’re not the type to spend all day outside, but prefer to be indoors in the warm with a nice cup of tea to get you through the day (and let’s not forget the endless stream of biscuits). If you’re confused and uncertain about the options available to you within the Equine industry then we’ve come up with a few options to ponder…


If you’re not one for an office but don’t like to settle in one place, why not take a look at working within the Equine Health & Service sector? If being a vet doesn’t immediately jump to the forefront of your mind (some of us can’t handle the gory details without fainting), then why not consider becoming a farrier or a dentist? Although it can be physically demanding, you’re able to work to your own schedule whilst improving the health and well-being of our four legged friends.


Horse farrier


Not sure if feet are your thing? Take a look into becoming a massage therapist! Study the anatomy & physiology of the horse (or any animal!) and learn the techniques necessary to enhance each horse’s motion and help to relax the horse’s muscles. Again a self-employed option, you could find yourself working with some top performing horses!


Becoming a master saddler is also an option but if you don’t have the time to study, you could become a saddle fitter instead. Whilst you won’t be carrying out any major saddle work, you’ll be trained to check the saddle fit and make minor adjustments such as adding flocking.


If you know you want to work with horses on a daily basis (and are able to brave the cold winter days) then a yard based job would be right for you! Become a groom on a competition or leisure yard, potentially see the world travelling to different countries for competitions. Make your hobby your career and if you want to become a professional rider this is a great way to get access to training and advice from the pros as well as a chance to ride the top horses!


Horse groom


If (like us) you’re more of a fair weather being and aren’t a fan of the cold, then why not take a look at becoming a stud or racing secretary? If you are highly organised with a passion for planning then this could be the right role for you and you’ll get to spend most of your time in a warm office!



Or what about becoming an equine nutritionist? There are roles available where you manage a care-line and advise horse owners over the phone and roles where you travel the country visiting horses at yards. The mobile nutritionists take a weigh bridge around with them so are able to weigh the horses, provide a body condition score and then discuss nutrition face to face with the owner.


Body condition score


If you have office, marketing, digital, accountancy or sales skills etc. but also have a passion for horses, there are many companies and charities within the equine industry that need skills like these to grow their businesses. Although you might not get to see horse’s day in day out whilst doing your role, you’re likely to work with lots of horse enthusiasts so at least you can talk horse whilst working!

The equine industry is always looking out for people with event management skills! From the big events such as Badminton, Hickstead, Royal Windsor Horse Show, Your Horse Live, Horse & Hound Grassroots to smaller local shows, people are needed to ensure they are run smoothly!



If you have journalistic or creative writing experience you could look for a role at one of the many equestrian magazines where you would spend your time writing horse related content or interviewing industry experts.

There’s also lots of opportunity if you are creative to become a self-employed equine artist, photographer or videographer by taking private commissions or capturing the action at shows. Alternatively, there are many creative agencies such as Kingdom Creative Equestrian who you could benefit with your skills!



With a whole range of equine related jobs available, your career can go in almost any direction you’d like! Got some more ideas? Pop us a comment below to let us know! Also, visit Equine Careers to see what jobs are currently available within the equine industry!