We often tend to think of HAPPY HOOF™ as the go to chaff for natives or leisure horses who don’t need many calories but want a higher nutrient feed than ‘just a chaff’ however it is a fantastic fibre for the sports horse too.

High in fibre, the soft blend of ingredients are not only ideal for extending eating time encouraging chewing at meal times this makes it perfectly suited to horses who may be prone to stress. Sports horses have busy lives, increased travel stress and may spend longer in the stable than the average leisure horse.

Seasoned 5* event rider, Imogen Murray, has used HAPPY HOOF™ as the base diet for the whole of her yard for over a decade with great success. A yard of very happy and relaxed horses who are only fed ‘a few cubes or a bit of mix’ for the odd individual who needs a bit more sparkle. The horses perform brilliantly on ad lib hay and the SPILLERS fibres range of HAPPY HOOF™, SPEEDY-MASH Fibre and Ulca Fibre if they need extra calories during hard work.

We asked M.S. Team their reasons for feeding HAPPY HOOF™

“We were asked to do a testimonial on why we feed Happy Hoof, our thoughts are more why wouldn’t you?

It’s a fibre feed which, as we all know these days, is what horses need most. It’s extremely palatable for young and old and all those in between. You can feed it to fat, skinny, little and big ponies and horses. It’s great as a staple and a treat. 

Ted arrived in winter. Photos are three months apart, Ted was fed equal parts HAPPY HOOF™ and Ulca Fibre.


There’s also a vitamin and mineral pellet in there so they are getting everything they could possibly need. We prefer to use as few feeds as possible and HAPPY HOOF™ is always the go to. Every horse on the yard has it and plenty of them only have that. 



Tomgar Jess competed at Advanced on just HAPPY HOOF™ and not a lot of it, she’s 82% TB & completed plenty of 4* competitions, she had suffered with ulcers, so it’s perfect to provide that high fibre diet that she needs.



Badminton and Burghley cross country machine Ivar Gooden also has HAPPY HOOF™ in his feed, this forms the basis of his feed bucket, helping to ensure he has as much fibre as he needs.



Roheryn Ruby is a classic good doer, fed on just HAPPY HOOF™, this horse finished well and keen at Boekelo 4* in 2019.

We don’t really feed any mixes or cubes unless they are particularly lazy. All our older semi-retired horses also get HAPPY HOOF™ and they all look really well, have plenty of beans in them, especially when hacking out!”

And there you have it HAPPY HOOF™ – the ultimate versatile feed. For Shetlands through to finishing in the top 10 at Badminton. What more do you need?