Happy New Year everybody!

We have no doubt that some of you have set goals and made promises to yourselves for the New Year, but for those of you that haven’t got quite that far yet, we have pulled together some inspirational New Year Resolutions from a handful of horse owners to get you fired up for the year ahead.

Tricia and Olly

New Year Resolution:

Enjoy life, be less stressed about things and put them into perspective.

Their Story:

Olly, my wonderful cob, had a number of vet issues throughout 2016 but he never complains and just gets on with life…this is what I need to do! He was diagnosed with arthritis of the fetlock joint and, although I thought my world had fallen apart, Ollie just took everything in his stride. Ollie needed to lose weight to reduce strain on his joints, so by weighing his horse feed and hay he has managed to lose 75 kilos - which means I need to keep the weight off this summer too!

Although we may not be able to compete it doesn’t stop us having new adventures.

I want to spend less time drilling dressage movements and more time traipsing around bareback. If it’s rainy and cold and I don’t feel like riding, I want to be able to take the day off without feeling guilty.

Rose and Stella

New Year Resolution:

Enter more TREC events, practise our obstacles, particularly gates, and see if we can actually complete fast work and slow canter… but mainly to go out and have fun!

Their Story:

My veteran pony and I have enjoyed quiet time over the last few years, mainly hacking out and enjoying the woods in our area.

As Stella is now getting on a bit (at 22 years!) we do not really compete anymore and have pretty much stopped jumping, however at the end of last year we entered our first TREC competition and both loved it! The orienteering phase was right up our street and I couldn’t believe how well she stepped out - I'm sure she grew at least a hand! I had no idea she was so adept at the obstacles.


Imogen and Co

New Year Resolution:

Have more patience

Their Story:

In the age of Instagram, Facebook and blogs, it can be seem as if everyone is having a great time. Friends post about competitions they have won and how great their horses have gone, but for me, 2016 was a year of problems!

I have 5 homebred horses, from a 9 yr old 2* eventer who tore her tendon sheath, to a mare who had wobblers and needed time off to recover after treatment. The mare with wobblers, Lady Phin (Bee) now has a lovely foal named Phin and is back in work, but because of the problems she had, she can panic and rear, so we have to take things very slowly. No chance of writing about what prizes we have won yet – only small successes like riding her calmly away from home.

However, I am going to try to be more patient and be grateful for the success we have on a personal level knowing how lucky I am to work and ride such wonderful animals every day.


Rebecca and Harn (Furture Inferno)

New Year Resolution:

Start off Harn’s ridden career with lots of groundwork and building him up to backing during the summer.

Their Story:

Harn (named after the famous captain of the Millennium Falcon – if you’re a Star Wars fan) will turn 3 next April. He’s a part bred Arab and already standing just over 16hh, so it will be interesting to see where he finished up.

I'm currently feeding him SPILLERS Gro N’ Stud Balancer which I’m hoping will help us along the way to lots of wins in his career. We will also be continuing his education by contesting the in hand part bred and sport horse classes in the summer.

This guy is super special and such a gentle kind soul (as well as being extremely photogenic) and I can’t wait to see what our future holds, here’s to a very exciting 2017!

Cassey and King

New Year Resolution:

Remain in control at all times, look stylish and be successful!

Who am I kidding…staying inside the white boards, going the right way show jumping and avoid breaking land speed records XC


Their Story:

King (my self-assured, arrogant 9yr old sports horse) and I are planning to step up to BE90 this season, having completed both of our first seasons competing this year (with varied success at BRC80.)

We don’t have a fancy lorry, a Devocoux saddle or an Amino jacket, but what we do have is a hell of a lot of fun and both of us have a smile on our faces the entire season.

Tell us about your and your horses’ New Year Resolutions in the comments below and how they are going so far?!