We all love a good selfie, especially a cheeky selfie with our ponies. After all, it is essential that we tell everyone on social media how much we love our little darlings everyday (yes, we’re obsessed). But if you’re yearning for the quality of a professional when taking photos of your horse but can’t afford that premium price tag (you really want that new saddle instead), we’ve got a few tips to get the best from your camera…

Glamorous assistant!

Working with animals can be unpredictable (as I’m sure we are all far too aware), so we’d recommend roping in a glamorous assistant to help ease the load - even if this involves them jumping up and down whilst making strange noises (essential) to get your horse to put their ears forward. But avoid trying to force poses too much, natural behaviour often makes the best photo! Taking continuous shots will capture individual characteristics and behaviours and allow you to pick the best photo.


Light it up

Work the lighting as lighting is vital when working to produce the perfect photo. Whether it’s natural lighting from the sun or artificial light use it to your advantage by creating shadows or highlight specific areas. The time of day can also have a huge impact on the mood you’re trying to create with your photo so going for times such as dawn or dusk can create a softer feel with vibrant colours.


Ready for your close up?

If you want a photo with you and your horse, don’t be afraid of a close up. Get up close and personal with the camera to highlight the relationship you have with your horse! Ask your assistant to tell a few terrible jokes to make you laugh to create a natural, engaging smile. Try to stick to a simple background to ensure the focus isn’t drawn away from yourselves – you and your horse are the centre of attention! Be adventurous by changing the angles of your photos to change perspective.


Get low!

If you want to capture the impressive stature of your horse, shooting from a low angle works well and often makes them look majestic! Wait for a sunny day as a blue sky will make your horse ‘pop’ out of the photo or white fluffy clouds can add a ‘dreamy’ feel.



The ‘nose’ shot!

Our favourite photo angle is straight up the horse’s nose! We don’t know why, but a huge nose on a horse is irresistibly cute.  Before shooting, make sure you horse is happy with the ‘click’ of the camera and their nose is clean (boogies aren’t so cute). Crouch down and aim the bottom of your lens at your horse’s nose so that the top of the lens captures up their face too. Make sure you turn your flash off for this one as your horse won’t appreciate that going off in their eyes.



Don’t worry about having the best camera money can buy as some of the best photos are taken on smartphones – it’s how you use them what counts! If you’re not photographing your own horse, make sure you get the owner’s permission and once you’ve finished editing, make sure you then plaster them all over facebook so the rest of us who are horse mad can enjoy them too!

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