This Valentine’s Day, who is dreaming of going on a date with someone tall, dark and handsome? Let’s face it, a date night with your horse is what we all dream of! Partners get a fair bit of stick so we’ve come up with a few pros and cons to let you decide which is best…

  1. You don’t have to meet your horse’s in laws. Getting on with your partner’s parents can lead to endless arguments - nobody wants to know how much better their husband’s mother cooks a roast.
  2. When you feel stressed there is nothing better than spending some quality time with your horse. It’s usually your partner that has caused the stress.
  3. Horses have no shame in farting around you. Oops, that one’s the same for partners too!
  4. Your horse won’t bat an eyelid if you spend the afternoon at a stud. Your partner might start to get suspicious and start checking your phone.
  5. So long as you’re not late with your horse’s food each day then they will love you forever. Same goes for your partner but maybe swap the Speedy-Mash for a steak…
  6. ‘Growing out’ of your horse (ok maybe pony!) is a common practice that everybody accepts. Your partner is always quick to point out when you ‘grow out’ of your jeans…
  7. Getting dumped hurts. Yup that one goes for men too!
  8. Horses tend to be good at breaking things. To give partners their due, many hours are spent fixing fencing, the tack room, the stable and anything else that may have been in the way when your horse was on the destructive war path!
  9. Let’s face it – horses cost a fortune! Partners can be quite handy when you get an unexpected vet bill!

So there we have it, partners aren’t all bad! If you can master the art of keeping both happy then you’re really doing well. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your horse, or partner or even both!

Love is in the air at Millie Dumas Eventing