A life hack is a trick, shortcut or novelty method that increases efficiency with regards to time and money - resources which are often exhausted when owning a horse! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ingenious horsey life hacks that will either help you save a few pennies or save time so that you can focus on the important hacks in life…the riding ones!...

Terrific twine

Baling twine is the number 1 tool in any horse owner’s life hack kit, its uses are endless. You can fix small holes in your haynet with it. Horse broken his fillet string? No problem, plait three pieces of twine together and you’ve got yourself an instant replacement. Never lose a hoof pick, knife or feed cover again by tying them to skip bucket or dust bin using twine. Can’t find a knife (because you didn’t tie it down with twine), then you can even use baling twine to open a bale of hay, by threading a piece of twine under the twine holding the bale together and using a sawing action, the friction will soon cause it to fray and snap...and the best thing about baling twine is that if you feed hay, you’ll have a constant, free supply of it!


Baling twine


DIY duct tape

Another life hack essential is duct tape. If your horse enjoys a good ramble through the brambles and often comes in with nicks in his turn out rug, duct tape will come to the rescue! Due to its waterproof qualities, sticking a piece over the hole will keep your horse dry when it rains and it will also stop the hole from tearing any further!

As duct tape is really durable, it also comes in handy if your horse has to have his foot bandaged for any reason. After you’ve bandaged using vet wrap, apply a few strips of duct tape across the toe which will help prevent your horse wearing a hole through the vet wrap as they walk around their stable…genius!



Grooming cheats

If you’re rushed for time and want your horse to look show ready in minutes then there are two items you should add to your grooming kit. Firstly, unperfumed baby wipes (well they are our babies!), perfect for cleaning eye boogies, nose snot and bottoms. Secondly, to get that show shine, after a quick brush to remove any dried mud, slightly dampen a towel and gently stroke your horse with it and you’ll be amazed with how much dust it lifts off to leave your horse gleaming.


Horse grooming


Potty for pole work?

Pole work is great for focusing your horse’s attention as well as building up their muscles as the pole encourages the horse to lift their legs and engage their back end. If your horse has mastered flat poles and they are ready to work a little harder, then potties are the perfect bit of kit to raise the poles. The shape of the seat acts as the perfect cup to support a pole but the cup isn’t too deep so if your horse does knock the pole, it will easily roll to prevent injury.



The barrow balancing act

Emptying wheel barrows is one of our least favourite jobs, but by being ‘weally’ efficient with how you load your wheelie, you can reduce your visits to the muck heap. Try balancing skip buckets on the handles to double capacity. Just make sure you off load before trying to push your wheel barrow up a ramp to avoid any accidents…


Wheel barrow


Remember, sharing is caring so if you have any horsey life hacks that we haven’t listed then share your tips in the comments below so we can all benefit from your wisdom!