We are celebrating SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF’s  20th Birthday with a new and improved recipe for our iconic high fibre feed, and Redwings pony Moses has put on his party hat to join the celebrations.

HAPPY HOOF and HAPPY HOOF Molasses Free now have an even lower starch and sugar content making them a safer choice for your horse or pony. Redwings’ miniature Shetland pony Moses stars as the handsome face of the new HAPPY HOOF bags and advertising.

HAPPY HOOF and HAPPY HOOF Molasses-Free are both low calorie, high fibre feeds with less than 10% starch and sugar to produce a low insulin response. They are ideal for good doers such as native ponies like Moses, those prone to laminitis and those in light work.

Both feeds have a full blend of vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet, plus 15 milligrams of biotin per 3kg serving, which is proven to support hoof health. They can be fed on their own, alongside a balancer to extend eating time or as a hay replacer and are approved by The Laminitis Trust. The molasses free version is especially for those who are concerned about molasses in their horse’s diet.

Miniature Shetland pony Moses was born at Redwings Horse Sanctuary after his mum, Ruth, was rescued from common land in Lincolnshire where she had been living with 70 other ponies in a semi-wild and neglected state. He has grown into a friendly and loving chap and is now an education pony, travelling to local events to help educate about the importance of equine welfare and raise awareness of the charity’s work.

Steph Callen, Communications Manager at Redwings Horse Sanctuary said: “We are all very proud of the work Moses does to help raise awareness of Redwings. He takes everything in his stride and was a perfect model for the SPILLERS photoshoot. Becoming the new face of HAPPY HOOF has firmly cemented his superstar profile to horse lovers but in our eyes, he has always been a hero!”

If you would like advice about feeding a good doer like Moses or a horse or pony prone to laminitis you can call our Care-Line Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm.