With the recent news that Camel racing is to be considered by the IOC to become an official event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we’ve developed a new product to cater for our humpy friends! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one hump or two, SPILLERS Happy Hump is the one for you (or your camel).

Introducing SPILLERS Happy Hump!  Our new camel friendly fibre suitable for Dromedary & Bactrian camels.



SPILLERS Happy Hump has been formulated with the help of our camel experts and is designed to meet the nutritional needs of these camelid athletes. We’ve taken into account their native diet, often made up of dry vegetation found in the desert, to produce a soft chopped blend of thorns and salty bushes. SPILLERS Happy Hump promotes & supports hump health as well as being approved by the World Camel Association and is suitable to compete under the FCI (Federation Camel International) rules.



With the breaking news that horses are no longer allowed to live in the UK, it’s time to jump onboard a camel and go pick up your bag of Happy Hump today!