Updated September 2022.

We believe all senior horses and ponies deserve to be completely cared for which is why we are pleased to have a flexible range of senior and senior friendly feeds; all of which have been independently approved by Nicola Jarvis, head vet at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Whilst some senior horses may thrive on their normal feed, others may benefit from more specialist support whether that be a mash to replace compound feed or forage, additional calories and quality protein to maintain condition or increased immune support. The senior friendly logo identifies feeds outside of our core senior range that may be suitable for meeting the individual requirements of senior horses and ponies.

Combining nutritional expertise & consumer insight

More than twenty years of scientific research into senior horse nutrition has helped to develop our expertise in feeding horses and ponies as they age. However ageing is a very individual process and no-one knows your senior horse better than you do. For this reason, we combined our nutritional expertise with in depth consumer research to ensure we truly understand the challenges faced by senior horse owners. In the development stages, we heard from over 1,300 horse owners through a series of surveys, face to face interviews and an interactive online community. This enabled to us to explore every aspect of ownership from the bond shared between senior horses and their owners through to current feed choices and feeding practices.

The range

SPILLERS™ Supple & Senior Balancer is ideal for seniors that maintain weight well on forage alone, including those prone to laminitis. It is a multi-vitamin and mineral balancer with added joint, digestive and immune support’. It contains omega 3 fatty acids alongside 7.5g of glucosamine and 10g of MSM per 500g serving to support joint health.

SPILLERS™ Senior Complete Care Mix provides complete nutritional care for senior horses including added joint, digestive and immune support. It’s also higher in fibre and lower in starch than traditional mixes, helping to support digestive health and reduce the risk of excitability. Finally, with a blend of real herbs, your horse is certain to find it pretty tasty too.

SPILLERS™ Senior Super-Mash includes a blend of highly digestible fibre and oil alongside pro and prebiotics making it the ultimate senior mash for condition and gut health. It’s suitable for feeding as a replacement for compound feed and as hay replacer making it ideal for horses and ponies with poor teeth. It’s also whole cereal and molasses free, low in starch and sugar and suitable for those prone to laminitis. Finally, with an appetising apple aroma it smells and tastes good too (taste test based on lots of empty feed bowls during our palatability trials!)

SPILLERS™ Senior Conditioning Mix continues to be a firm favourite for owners of active seniors and those needing more support to maintain their weight. Provided your senior isn’t prone to clinical conditions such as laminitis (including those with PPID), colic, gastric ulcers or tying up, SPILLERS™ Senior Conditioning Mix may be a great choice if they need additional calories to help them gain or maintain weight.

Tried & tested

Our entire senior range has now been extensively tried and tests by senior horses and ponies throughout the country. Here are some of the reviews:

Supple & Senior Balancer: My 19 year old PRE started bucking and when we checked him out we found he had a arthritis in his back area. About two months after starting him on this combined with physio and devils claw he looks amazing. Stepping out well and able to be ridden again. His coat is glossy, he moves and looks so well I have a new hope for more adventures together rather than retirement. Review by IberianPosted on
Senior Super-Mash: This has been a god send for my 29 year old this winter he’s a really fussy eater & but every night he now waits for his dinner as he just loves the mash he licks the bucket clean, I’m sure he thinks it’s a gigantic apple SPILLERS sweet each night! Review by Echo. Posted on
Senior Complete Care Mix: My 18 year old 18hh ISH who is not a good doer has been on this for 18 months, he maintains his weight & is not hot headed with it, its a great feed with no worries, fed along side happy hoof & your Senior Super-Mash. Review by Kay. Posted on
Senior Conditioning Mix: Kay is the fussiest eater you will find but she loves this feed and has done for several years now. It is very palatable, smells great and is an excellent feed for both condition, energy levels and coat. I would thoroughly recommend it. Review by Nic. Posted on

For more advice on feeding your senior horse or pony contact the SPILLERS Care-Line