In the supermarket, ‘lite’ typically means less calories so you could be forgiven for assuming that the same is true for the feed store. Unfortunately some marketing claims support the myth that some balancers are more suitable for good doers because they are lower in calories when in truth, the difference is negligible.

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Dispelling the myth

In order to determine how many calories (or more correctly how much energy) your feed provides, you need to consider two things; the level of energy and the feeding rate. Balancers typically contain 8-12 megajoules of digestible energy (MJ DE) per kilo and therefore when fed at 500g per day, contribute just 4-6 megajoules to the total diet. To put this into perspective, a 500kg horse could easily consume over 100 megajoules of energy per day from forage alone, if not more. Whilst a balancer containing 7 MJ DE/ kg is technically lower in calories than one containing 12 MJ DE/ kg, the difference is negligible and therefore, will have no significant effect on your horse’s waistline.

Good doer


Why choose a ‘Lite’ balancer?

So if all balancers contain a negligible level of calories when fed at the recommended ration, is there really any benefit in choosing one that says ‘lite’ on the bag? In truth the answer depends on which product you choose. SPILLERS Lite + Lean Balancer for example is specifically formulated to balance a restricted diet and contains added cinnamon and FOS to help support a healthy metabolism.








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