As horse owners, most of us would admit to spending far more on rugs, tack and saddle cloths than we do on our own wardrobes – and why should we not spoil our precious ponies considering how well behaved they are…sometimes! So with London Fashion Week only a few weeks ago, we thought we’d offer up some fashion must-haves for your horse so that their closet isn’t only large, it’s also on trend.

Zebra galore

Ever fancied owning your own Zebra? Us neither. But we can’t deny the appeal of those glorious stripes. So if you want to add some black and white stripes to the field then we recommend one of these zebra striped fly rugs! Not only will it make your horse look exotic, the rugs are thought to potentially repel flies leaving your horses happily munching on their grass in peace! If you’re a real zebra lover, why not purchase the matching fly mask to complete the set?!

Check out the Shires website for this awesome rug.

Matchy matchy!

If you want to make a bold statement, why not kit your ride out with this la-di-da Le Mieux lime green set which includes a matching saddlecloth, bandage and fly veil. If lime green doesn’t provide the right contrast against your horse’s coat, there are several ‘summer’ colours available. Find them at Le Mieux Products


Black, brown and tan are so last season, make a statement out hacking with a stylish coloured bridle instead! This Norton Synthetic Endurance Combination Bridle/Head Collar comes in a variety of vibrant colours to contrast against your horse. However, the best thing is that you can remove the cheek pieces to turn your bridle in to a head collar meaning that you can go from smart to casual wear in seconds. Find this cool bridle at Countrybase 


Snuggy hoods

We all know the devastation when you’ve spent hours the day before a show scrubbing our ponies until they gleam and shine and then you arrive back the next day to a stable stained monster who, at one point in time, was grey. Enter Snuggy Hoods. Whether it’s to keep your mud monster clean or to add that extra layer of warmth in the winter months, Snuggy Hoods come in a variety of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes we particularly love this leopard print one! You can even buy a matching hood for your pup!

Browse the Snuggy Hoods range to find your favourite pattern. 


Hoof stickers (hoofies)

If you really want your horse to be dressed to the nines, we have the perfect vibrant solution! You can add the final touch by applying some sparkle to your pony’s hooves with these smashing hoof stickers! Whether it’s for fancy dress or to just for a little power dressing around the yard, there are so many cool options available!

…There’s even a zebra themed hoof sticker to complete the zebra set!

Check out the Shires Equestrian website for the full range of sticker designs. 

There you have it, our top fashion tips that will turn your horse…in to a clothes horse!!!