Miniature Shetland pony Moses is the new face of our latest HAPPY HOOF and HAPPY HOOF Molasses Free campaign. Here's your chance to meet him and find out why he is such a star...

Moses was born at Redwings Horse Sanctuary after his mum, Ruth, arrived at the Sanctuary in 2004 having been rescued from common land in Lincolnshire.


Over 70 ponies had been left to fend for themselves without basic care and were living in a semi-wild state. Sadly, many had very overgrown feet, high worm burdens and several had deformities due to indiscriminate breeding which required specialist veterinary care.

Redwings joined forces with other animal welfare organisations to round-up the ponies, and offered a safe, forever home to 49 of them.

At Redwings, the ponies were initially kept in the herds they had naturally formed on the commons and they were named after different themes; types of cheese (Edam, Stilton, Cheddar), curries (Korma, Dhansak, Jalfrezi) and Biblical characters (Able, Noah, Solomon).

Moses was born shortly afterwards and grew into a friendly and loving chap. Over the years, he has taken on a very special job at Redwings – as an education pony! Redwings’ team of education ponies travel to local events to help educate about the importance of equine welfare and raise awareness of the charity’s work.

And now his star status has been firmly cemented with his appearance in Spillers’ latest promotional campaign for HAPPY HOOF and HAPPY HOOF Molasses Free.