Darcy Eagle gives us an account of her recent SPILLERS weigh clinic experience.


Meeting SPILLERS At Houghton386992_489612714401842_1835471528_n - Copy - Copy

After speaking to the nutritionists on the SPILLERS stand at Houghton International Horse Trials, we were very impressed with the information offered and the feeding advice that they gave us.

With this, I immediately started to feed my two veterans on the SPILLERS Senior Balancer. The change in my horses was noticed immediately as they both became much calmer and the swelling in their legs had gone down. They are both usually very difficult to please, however, it is safe to say that they are really enjoying their new SPILLERS feed as they now lick the bucket clean!


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Organising Our SPILLERS Yard Visit

Following this, we organised a SPILLERS Weigh Clinic at our yard with Nicki, the SPILLERS nutritionist who was extremely helpful and full of useful information. It’s not just about knowing what each horse weighs but also finding a diet which will suit your horse's specific requirements. Nicki told us many useful tips, and really helped us to understand where we are losing money when feeding.


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Feeding A Pony With A Clinical Issue

We also asked Nicki for feeding advice for our pony with liver issues. She was extremely knowledgeable and also provided me with helpful information from the SPILLERS nutrition team, which we found to be very informative.


The End Result

1148863_660290207334091_438618419_nAll of my horses are now on SPILLERS feed, however, I just wish we would have found out about this service sooner! I cannot wait for our next SPILLERS weigh clinic, I'm really looking forward to learning more nutritional information.

I cannot recommend SPILLERS enough, it is definitely worth having the weigh clinic done. It was a great day, lots of professional advice and all owners were given SPILLERS feed vouchers too!! Big thumbs up from me, my liveries and all the horses!



To book a SPILLERS Weigh Clinic at your yard, visit the SPILLERS website to fill out the "Book a nutritionist and weighbridge visit" enquiry form.