NOPS in the Stable Yard

Most horse owners know that there are a number of substances regarded as prohibited by equestrian and racing authorities that can be found in plants and their products.  These Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) may include both therapeutic substances and everyday food and drink, but if they are consumed by your horse who is subsequently tested can still produce a positive test result.  By addressing 3 key areas of horse care you can reduce the chances of this happening to you.


    • Keep all medications locked in a secure cupboard or first-aid box.
    • Keep a detailed record of any treatment prescribed
    • If any horse is being given a supplement requiring a period of withdrawal, check the correct timing with your vet.
    • Take care not to contaminate surrounding areas when using powder forms of medication
    • Use colour-coded buckets to denote those used for medication and clean thoroughly after use
    • Do not use home-made remedies

naturally occurring prohibited substances for horses


    • Buy feed and supplements with the BETA NOPS logo on the packaging
    • Keep labels or Batch numbers, and samples from each batch if possible for 2 months after consumption. This will help in the event of an investigationNOPS-2014-logo_webready
    • Keep only horse feed in the feed store
    • Only buy feed in correctly labelled sealed bags
    • Lock the feed store when not in use
    • Do not keep first aid or grooming kits in the feed room
    • Buy only good-quality forage from a reputable supplier
    • Clean any mangers or buckets exposed to medication thoroughly after use
    • Beware of claims made by feed manufacturers that are not part of the BETA NOPS scheme

NOPS stable yard


    • Make sure everyone on the yard knows possible sources of contamination
    • Never eat or drink in the feed room, remember coffee, tea and chocolate and some fizzy drinks contain banned substances
    • Wash hands thoroughly after treating a horse or wear disposable gloves
    • All staff should declare any medication they are taking
    • Empty and decontaminate the horsebox after every journey
    • Do not give tit-bits of human food to horses

For further information on avoiding prohibited substances, visit the BETA website and if you have any questions about what feed and supplements are suitable in the yard call the SPILLERS Care-Line on 01908 226626