Is your horse or pony a good doer? As many of us know, obesity is a growing problem, and presents a number of health risks.



It’s important to work towards maintaining a body condition score of 5 and below we share some tips on how best to do this...

Feed & Management Tips

  1. Monitor your horse/ pony's body condition regularly - this will help you to keep track of gradual changes and assess whether any dietary adjustment may be necessary
  2. Although ad-lib forage is the ideal, it is not always practical for good doers and some level of restriction may be necessary
  3. Never starve any horse or pony, even if they are extremely overweight
  4. Whilst forage alone can easily meet or exceed energy (calorie) requirements for many good doers, it is unlikely to provide a balanced diet
  5. Balancers are the ideal option for horses and ponies able to maintain weight easily on forage alone, providing a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and quality protein alongside a negligible level of calories when fed at the recommended ration
  6. Try adding low calorie chaff/ fibres such as  HAPPY HOOF to buckets to provide 'bulk' and help extend eating time
  7. If your horse/ pony is already in good or overweight condition, don't be tempted to increase his feed in an attempt to improve his energy levels. Remember, energy = calories!
  8. Maintain a regular exercise programme where possible


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If you need help deciding which feed is right for your horse you can send us a private message on Facebook, speak directly to a nutritionist by calling 01908 22 66 26 or send us an email.