Sometimes the golden oldie ideas we’ve adopted over the years are the best kind. We all have a few old school tricks up our sleeve to help cut some corners (and maybe save some pennies!). And we think a few of us probably still do a lot of these things even though we may not admit it. Here are a few of our secret tactics when it comes to looking after our horses…

Is your horse a bit of a menace when it comes to meal times, throwing their bowls around until the entire contents of said bowl is sprawled across the floor? Saving it for later obviously – silly humans. Well if, as a human, you’re not quite clear on the economic benefit of this interesting tactic, then try placing your horse’s feed bowl in an old spare tyre. A simple but effective method to save a few pennies and encourage your horse to eat their own dinner rather than sharing it with all of the other creepy crawlies.



Our next one is a bit niche but stay with us (we’re not entirely convinced) – sometimes when you’re at a show, you’re in a mad rush to get everything packed and ready to still arrive late with 10 minutes to spare before your first class.  After the whirlwind rush of the first class, you’re able to settle back at the lorry with a nice cuppa. Disaster – you’ve left your teaspoons at home. When you thought the day couldn’t be any more catastrophic, you learn that you’re not able to blend the only ray of sunshine in your life. Enter the trusty hoof pick – an essential tool for your horse but an even more essential tool for your tea.



Ever feel a little bit overwhelmed in your dressage test? Nerves get the better of you and you not only forget your test but forget your entire basic skill set and who you are in general? Us too. But if you’re able to maintain slight control of your nerves but just need a gentle reminder of your left and right (no one wants an unexpected leg yield to the right when you’re supposed to go left…), then why not put a tiny L & R on your gloves to act as a little reminder of where you’re supposed to go.



This next one is a favourite of ours and often very cost effective! During those cold winter days when two rugs are necessary (doesn’t bear thinking about with the current sunshine), go for the classic placing a duvet under their usual stable rugs. Not only is it a cheaper and just as warm, duvets are less likely to rub their manes out!


When discussing ideas in the office, we found that a lot of these aren’t as old school as they seem and we use some of these tricks today (except for maybe the hoof pick spoon…each to their own). If you’ve got any old school equine habits that you still swear by, let us know in the comments below.