Pony parents. A different breed to your regular parents. Our beloved family members who (perhaps begrudgingly) introduced us to horses and successfully changed our lives for the better (whilst making theirs slightly poorer). We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. We may not have realised at the time, but now looking back we understand what you’ve given up in order to keep your little darlings happy. There’s so much we’re grateful for that we could never possibly condense it down, but here are a few that we appreciate a little more now we’re a bit older…

Thank you for getting up early on one or both of your only days off after working hard all week to take us to our endless shows on the weekends (we know now that you went back to work for a break!). Those 5am starts followed by arriving home at 8pm (at the earliest) are not something that we’re convinced we could do so willingly.

Thank you for not only getting up early, but spending your whole day providing an endless stream of bacon sandwiches, other snacks and general encouragement w hen we break down in tears saying we can’t jump that 2ft cross because it’s terrifying and we want to go home. And thank you for not taking us home (even if we did think you were being the worst parent ever).

Thank you for driving us for miles and miles (and miles and miles) with us in the back asking ‘are we there yet?’ for the one thousandth time to get to a small show where we compete in one clear round then spend the rest of the day running around playing gymkhana games (which is what we really came for). And thanks for holding our ponies whilst we go to get our second ice cream (just us?).

Thank you for being our personal photographers and filming each round – obviously so we can work on our development to improve (nothing about getting a good insta pic out of it).

Thank you for being there come rain, wind, snow or sunshine. Wearing three pairs of socks coupled with four jumpers ready to wade through the mud in order to get us safely to the start box. Battling the elements even though we know you’d rather be at home tucked up in bed with a nice hot choccy. We’re really appreciate it (now).

And lastly, thank you for supporting us and allowing us to do something we love! We’ll be forever indebted and promise that someday we’ll return the favour…in cups of tea and bacon sandwiches!