We recently caught up with Bobby Hayler-Wright, International Grand Prix dressage rider and Olympic commentator, to find out a bit more about her career and why nutrition is so important for her horses.

Q: Tell us about your career?

Hi, I am Bobby, horses have always been a huge passion of mine, first competing at the age of 3 through to representing GB Pony Junior Young Riders and U25 Grand Prix Europeans and GB Nations Cup. I also commentate for the BBC, Horse & Country TV and Clip My Horse.

Q: Which feeds are you using at the moment?

I feed a variety of SPILLERS feeds from SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre, SPILLERS Ulca Fibre through to SPILLERS Lay off Cubes.

Q: Can you give us an example diet for one of your younger or less experienced horses?

Yes so Delta, is one of our 5 year olds and currently training at Elementary. She is fed a combination of SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre alongside SPILLERS Lay Off Cubes. Being a mare, Delta can be a little bit spicy but changing onto this diet has really helped her as it’s non-heating. We’ve found it provides her with the perfect amount of energy for her workload and condition. She’s training so well, looks strong and has a lovely shine to her coat.

Q: Great! And what would you feed a horse in harder work?

We always feed for the individual and some of our horses stay on the combination of SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre alongside SPILLERS Lay Off Cubes even as they train up through the levels.

However, for those needing extra calories, and/or even lower levels of sugar and starch we swap onto SPILLERS Ulca Fibre.

Our 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood Iconic is a great example. He arrived looking like a fit racehorse (and a racehorse mindset too) so we swapped him onto SPILLERS Ulca Fibre which we feed alongside SPILLERS Digest + Conditioning Cubes and SPILLERS Perform & Restore Mash.

Getting his feed right, alongside correct training has transformed the way Iconic looks and feels in the last six months. He’s gone from a very weak looking horse to a horse that now looks powerful! He has such a trainable attitude and is now starting on his Grand Prix work. We’re very pleased with the change in him.

Q: It’s so rewarding to hear how getting the feed and training right has had such an influence on the quality output of your horses, they are certainly looking fantastic. We’re aware you’re running a busy yard so we won’t keep you for much longer. If you had to name your favourite product from our range which would it be?

Thank you, it’s great to have access to the nutritionists at SPILLERS to tweak the horses’ diets as needed.

Very hard to pick just one, I’d say both SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre and SPILLERS Ulca Fibre are our yard favourites. They both provide great muscle support and add fantastic condition and importantly they don’t blow their brains and they produce positive results. Palatability is important and SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre is particularly handy to have for the really fussy feeders.

SPILLERS Ulca Fibre is a great step-up calorie-wise from the SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre providing an even lower sugar and starch option and lots of good quality protein.

Q: Thanks Bobby for taking the time to share your thoughts on feeding performance horses. It’s clear to see that with the correct nutrition the results can be endless. Good luck in 2023 and we look forward to following your progress. Fiona, Head Groom at Team Hayler has just joined us in the feedroom, any comments to add Fiona?

SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre makes our lives easier, the horses shine from the inside out, their coats are so glossy! SPILLERS Ulca Fibre is a great versatile feed, we feed all our broodmares and youngstock on it as well as the top competition horses. It is a nice fine chaff that keeps them chewing with slow-release energy and makes such a difference to their condition - Fiona, Head Groom at Team Hayler