Caroline Fryer is a National Hunt and Point-to-Point racehorse trainer who has been training horses from Browick Hall Stables since 2011. Having a passion for racing from an early age she went to work for Neil King and Paul Webber as an Assistant Trainer before setting out on her own. Owning a small yard of 20 horses enables her to give each horse a bespoke training plan to suit their individual needs and idiosyncrasies which she believes helps each one to reach their maximum potential. We caught up with Caroline and asked her to SPILL the Beans on her racing career to date;



How and why did you get in to racing?

I’ve always loved racing but after riding a couple of winners in the point-to-point field I knew I didn’t really have the makings of a jockey so decided to turn my attention to training instead. I went to work for a few trainers and got hooked on racehorses and decided to go it alone.

Who’s been your biggest inspiration?

Captain Guy Disney who is a British steeplechase jockey. Guy served in the British Army and suffered a life changing injury when serving in Afghanistan. He is the first amputee jockey to win a professional horse race and watching him ride in the Fox Hunters race at Aintree over the national fences was truly inspirational!

You’ve been racking up the wins lately with Kingston College, Midnight Bliss and The Blue Bomber all making it past the post first. What’s your magic formula?

SPILLERS HDF Power Cubes and Alfalfa-Pro Fibre are certainly part of my winning formula, but listening to my horses is key too!



What’s a typical day for a racehorse at Caroline Fryer Racing?

It’s an early start with feeding at 5.30am! All the horses then get exercised with some also going on the water treadmill. I think it’s really important for horses to be horses so they all get turned out at some point during the day depending on what they have done. The horses will come in for lunch, then have a chill out in their stables with ad lib haylage. They then all enjoy a groom and go on the walker before having their dinners….It’s hard work!



How have SPILLERS supported you?

Absolutely brilliantly! Charlotte the nutritionist we work with is excellent and so supportive. She also doubles up as an extra groom at the races. I love all the SPILLERS clothing (both horse and human) we’ve been given too!



Do you have a favourite horse?

Tough question as they are all amazing so it changes all the time but at the moment it’s Goodnight Charlie.

Favourite moment of your career?

Racehorse trainers are a competitive bunch so not surprisingly my favourite moment involves winning. Though I have two moments that stick out, my first winner Point-to-Point and then my first winner under BHA rules.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during your career?

Well maybe not so funny for me, but my team had a good laugh when recently, Goodnight Charlie tripped me up in the pre parade ring and I fell flat on my face, then in the paddock she stood right on my foot! But I forgave her quickly as she ran a great race that day!

What’s the last thing that someone did to surprise you?

Midnight Bliss surprised me when she finished 2nd in her race after unseating the jockey in the first run of the season that she had, and now she’s gone from strength to strength. Horse racing is certainly full of ups and downs.



What would have been your career choice if you didn’t become a racing trainer?

I couldn’t do anything else, and I’m not even very good at this!! Haha

Which horses were your first winners?

Point-to-Point it was a horse called Bally Galley Bob. National Hunt was County Zen followed by Riddlestown whom I still have in training now, and is still running great.

What’s your mantra in life?

I always try to get the best out of all of the horses I’ve got. All success even at the lower levels is important as it will eventually enable me to get some better horses so that I can start running in high level races at bigger meetings which is my aim.



What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

To keep yourself in the best company and your horses in the worst as that way you will be sure of a winner! Also treat people how you’d like to be treated.

Any advice you would give to someone who wants to become a racehorse trainer?

Don’t do it LOL!


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