We recently caught up with George Whitaker after his tremendous performance in Holland winning the Grand Prix with Peanut. George talks us through why feeding the right diet to Peanut is so important especially when travelling. Here’s what George had to say…..

“Peanut is prone to ulcers and with frequent traveling and competition it is important to find a feed which will provide the energy he needs whilst also being low in sugar and starch for his ulcers.

We feed Peanut a combination of SPILLERS Ulca Fibre and SPILLERS Digest+ Conditioning Cubes. They give him the energy he needs, without the unwanted starch levels and he looks fantastic.

Peanut finds them very palatable, even when away competing and he most certainly enjoys eating them.”

Ulca Fibre is ideal for horses such as Peanut as it is proven* to help support horses prone to gastric ulcers following veterinary treatment.

This is because the calories (energy) in SPILLERS Ulca Fibre are provided mainly from fibre and oil rather than sugar and starch. Oil certainly packs a punch when it comes to calories. In fact, 300ml of oil provides approximately the same amount of energy (calories) as 1kg of oats.

The short chopped fibre in SPILLERS Ulca Fibre increases chewing time and in turn, saliva production. Saliva provides a natural buffer to stomach acid but unlike people, horses only produce saliva when they chew. Short chopped fibre also forms a protective 'fibre mat' on top of the stomach contents, thus helping to prevent stomach acid splashing up onto the upper, non-protected (squamous) region of the stomach where it can increase the risk of ulcers forming.

Complete with added vitamins and minerals, SPILLERS Ulca Fibre can be used as a partial or complete replacement for compound feeds. If used as a complete replacement for mix/cubes the recommended feeding rate for a horse or pony in light work is 600g per 100kg of bodyweight per day. For example, 3kg per day for  500kg horse.

In Peanut’s case, he is using SPILLERS Ulca Fibre alongside SPILLERS Digest+ Conditioning Cubes which also contain a full complement of vitamins and minerals. In addition, Digest+ Conditioning Cubes provide high levels of pre and probiotics to support digestive health. Theno added sugar formulation reduces the risk of excitability and supports gastric and digestive health.

For more advice feeding performance horses, horses prone to gastric ulcers or if you would like to see if SPILLERS Ulca Fibre and/or SPILLERS Digest+ Conditioning Cubes are suitable foryour horse contact us via the Care-Line on 01908 226626.

*Luthersson N et all, effect of changing diet on gastric ulceration in exercising horses and ponies after cessation of Omeprazole treatment, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jevs.2019.05.007

With the huge success George and Peanut have experienced this year, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for such an amazing partnership.