12.2hh Welsh B Cottrell Riverdance aka Ronnie is 21 years old and has qualified for the prestigious Olympia horse show! We have been catching up with his rider Millie Bowles to find out about their story and how they are preparing for Olympia.



How long have you owned Ronnie and where did you find him?

We have owned Ronnie for 4 years, his previous owner is Millie's best friend Jersey whose new pony lives at home with us and his owner before that is another good friend and our old yard owner so he really hasn't gone very far! The idea was Millie would have him in his older years and do some local showing and dressage to give him a quieter life, well Ronnie had other ideas about that!!

If Ronnie were a celebrity who would he be and why?

Ronnie would definitely be Michael Flatley! He has a flamboyant style, great rhythm, his show name fits perfectly, his legs fly all over the place when he's excited, he's surrounded by lovely girls and he totally owns the show!!



Tell us about your journey to qualifying for Olympia?

Millie was new to showing when we purchased Ronnie but she has formed a fantastic partnership with him and they have gone on to achieve some amazing results.

She qualified for Olympia at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May. We went purely for the experience of riding in the Queens garden so Millie was so shocked and absolutely thrilled to win, it’s a day she will never forget. We were lucky that our family and friends where there watching which made it all the more special.

How will you prepare Ronnie for Olympia?

Olympia preparation starts way in advance! As soon as he qualified we started worrying about keeping him sound, fit, clean and the weather! December can be unpredictable so getting snowed in is always a possibility.

He will be having his teeth done, clipped out and physio in preparation as well as a review of his feed with the SPILLERS Care-Line and careful monitoring of his condition.

He will then be wrapped in bubble wrap till Olympia!!



What do you feed Ronnie?

Ronnie has SPILLERS Senior Conditioning Mix and Alfalfa-Pro Fibre. His favourite is the Senior Conditioning Mix, we call it his "special old boy's mix"!

Does Ronnie have any quirks or things that he particularly loves or dislikes?

Ronnie really loves the Judges and is a bit of a charmer. He particularly likes their hats, the bigger the better!!

He absolutely hates clippers, rain and scary showjumping fillers and will avoid them all if he can!



What else does Ronnie get up to in his spare time?

Ronnie is a true all-rounder having done BYRDS dressage, MGA games, eventing and showjumping previously.

He also gives rides to a disabled man who visits us each week and really looks after him.


It sounds as though Ronnie really is a pony of a lifetime and we wish Millie and Ronnie all the best for Olympia! To find out more about Olympia and how to get tickets click here.