It’s been a great year here on the Care-Line at SPILLERS so we thought we would share some of our favourite moments and success stories with you all. A big thank you to all the horses and their owners who were happy for us to include them!

Jane and Shamrock

Owner’s Name: Jane
Horse Name: Shamrock
Height: 14.3
Age: 30+
Breed: Cob
Feed Regime: Pony Nuts + Chaff + Balancer + Linseed
Dietary Challenge: Looking for a feed to help with weight gain but without fizz/excitability
Response and recommendation:

We recommended Shamrock start on a diet of SPILLERS RESPONSE® Slow Release Energy Cubes and SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre, which could offer her calories as well as the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and quality proteins. Both feeds also contain a high level of fibre and oil, but low starch, which is the best option for horses and ponies who can be excitable, as it is the high starch level in some feed that sometimes contribute to this kind behaviour. We also suggested Jane consider a calmer for Shamrock and listed some common ingredients to look out for.


‘Shamrocks weight gain has been fantastic and she is looking great!’
After nearly 6months of receiving her new diet plan, Jane is impressed with the results and now has a happy Shamrock again, who we think looks great for 30+!

horse feed for weight gain

Alison and Malibo

Owners Name: Alison
Horse Name: Malibo
Height: 14.2
Age: 19
Breed: Cob
Feed Regime: Fibre Cubes and Chaff
Dietary Challenge: Concerned about excess weight gain but wanted a balanced diet
Response and recommendation:

Malibo was the perfect candidate for a balancer, a small nutrient dense pellet which contains a negligible level of calories. We suggested SPILLERS Lite and Lean Balancer fed at a rate of 100g per 100kg bodyweight per day. This balancer also offered Malibo the added benefit of cinnamon, FOS and magnesium added to help promote a healthy metabolism and encourage weight loss. We suggested the balancer be fed alongside a double handful of SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF® just to help bulk the bucket out and make it last a little longer. To help Allison measure out the correct amount we sent her a balancer cup too!
We also discussed soaking Malibo’s hay to try to reduce the levels of water soluble carbohydrates contained and her minimum forage intake to help Alison work out if she could reduce the amount of hay she was offering.


‘I went out for a ride with some old friends yesterday and the amount of energy she has since losing weight is unbelievable, it’s like she’s dropped 10 years!! I tend to think she looks as if she could gain a little weight, but a friend did say she has always looked in show condition and she looks much fitter now.’
Alison was very grateful for all the advice and Malibo’s new regime soon her back on track.

horse feed balancer

Allison, Kayleigh and Sass

Owners Name: Allison & Kayleigh
Horse Name: Sass
Height: 16.2
Age: 10
Breed: Thoroughbred
Feed Regime: Pony cubes + Conditioning Cubes + Chaff
Dietary Challenge: Balanced diet but without the fizz
Response and recommendation:

Having considered Sass’ current total calorie intake we decided to simplify things by offering her full ration of low energy/calorie feed which would also ensure she had a fully balanced diet. We suggested SPILLERS High Fibre Cubes and SPILLERS Cool Fibre, which would offer Sass a high fibre, low starch diet, to help avoid fizzy/heated behaviour. By providing Sass’s full ration of feed this meant Allison could save some pennies cutting out the vitamin and mineral supplement.


‘The recommendations you gave me for feed for sass was spot on thank you very much!’
Allison reported this diet was ‘spot on’ for the summer months and Sass was able to maintain condition but without the tantrums!

balanced horse feed

Ingrid and Monty

Owners Name: Ingrid
Horse Name: Monty
Height: 16.2
Age: 7
Breed: Irish Draught
Feed Regime: Conditioning Mix + Chaff
Dietary Challenge: Looking for a horse feed to give slow release energy
Response and recommendation:

We suggested Monty get started on a diet of SPILLERS RESPONSE®Slow Release Energy Cubes and SPILLERS Conditioning Fibre. This would ensure Monty’s diet was balanced as well as offering him a good source of slow release energy, meaning Monty’s new diet would offer him energy for longer, in comparison to his mix, which would have provided a higher level of starch, which is a quick release energy source.


‘Monty is in good (fit) condition, with plenty of topline. His energy is now released slowly throughout his work day and he has a better attitude too!’
After nearly 6months of receiving his new diet plan Monty is hunting several days a week for up to 5hours, maintaining healthy weight and topline.

conditioning horse feed

If you have had a success story with your SPILLERS® feed this year please tell us all about it in the comments below!