Updated September 2022. 

At SPILLERS we understand how important relationships are and one of the most special relationships we hear a lot about and one that many of us at SPILLERS have had the privilege of experiencing is between a senior horse and their long term owner. These special bonds are formed over years through the ups and downs of life and have endured in some cases over 40 years! Longer than many of our own close relationships with our nearest and dearest ‘two legged’ companions. So much so these older equines are quite simply ‘one of the family’.

We heard that phrase so many times whilst we were researching the market prior to launching our senior range in 2018. Listening to the passion and love you have for your older horses convinced us we needed to work hard to give you the reassurance that the feed you choose for your faithful friend is the most suitable for providing perfectly balanced nutrition in their later years. This is why our senior range and our wider senior friendly range have been approved by Nicky Jarvis, Head Vet at Redwings Horse Sanctuary making SPILLERS the first feed brand to have independently veterinary approved senior feeds.

Redwings cares for a large number of older horses, many of which face challenges such as failing dentition, PPID, laminitis or loss of condition and muscle. This alongside feeding SPILLERS feeds for over 20 years made them the perfect partner when it came to reviewing and approving our senior range and endorsing the suitability of some of our wider product range, many of which are already fed to Redwings’ discerning residents. Nicky said

“The SPILLERS range of Senior and Senior Friendly products give me high quality feeds backed by the latest research to suit each individual horse. And most importantly our Redwings seniors approve!”

Why not click on our video to hear directly from Nicky on her love for senior horses and ponies and how SPILLERS plays a part in helping them be completely cared for.

For more advice on feeding your senior horse or pony contact the SPILLERS Care-Line.