Abbey Ridley, from the SPILLERS marketing team shares her top tips to ensure that your next sponsored ride goes as smoothly as possible.

I recently took part in a local sponsored ride with my horse, Monty, and given that this was our first outing in a while, I had forgotten just how much organisation is needed for these rides! As if staying aboard my springy thoroughbred isn’t challenging enough, remembering his day out essentials, proved to be quite the task.

Unfortunately, hiring a groom just isn’t an option for most of us so an old fashioned check list will have to suffice! Hopefully this list will help to ensure that you and your horse have a smooth, safe, but most importantly, FUN day out.

Grey Horse hacking in grass (002)

1.Your riding wardrobe

  • Riding hat - and a jazzy silk for extra fashion points
  • A well fitted body protectorJodhpurs (preferably sticky ones for those riding pocket rockets!)
  • A bright XC top and/or Hi-Viz
  • Comfortable riding boots/chaps
  • Riding gloves
  • A short crop for those requiring a little more acceleration or control!

2. Your horse's wardrobe (you know, that extravagant collection you've spent most of your spare money on?)

  • Tack
  • Saddlecoth - that matches your XC top, obviously!
  • Brushing/tendon/over reach/fetlock boots etc
  • Travel boots, tail bandage & cooler rug
  • Head collar and lead rope
  • Passport

3. A filled haynet

Whether it be used whilst travelling or tied up outside the horsebox/trailer, your horse or pony will always appreciate something to nibble on throughout the day. For extra brownie points from your horse, pack some tasty treats too!

4. Drinking water

Most sponsored events usually provide refreshments for both yourself and your steed. However, it's always worth taking your own bucket and water supply just in case. If you have any concerns about keeping your horse hydrated while away from home, be sure to read this post or contact the SPILLERS Care-Line.

what to take on a sponsored ride

5. First aid kit for you and your horse

6. Entry/sponsorship forms

We've all been there - turning up to an event without the right paperwork. Cue red face.

7. Grooming necessities

  • Hoof pick
  • Body Brush
  • Fly Spray
  • Sponge for cooling your horse down
  • Sweat scraper

8. Fully charged mobile phone & phone holder

9. Time

Probably the most valuable item on the checklist. Always allow yourself plenty of time. Rushing around can create unwanted stress or even worse - forgetting your horse's saddle. Yes, that has happened to me.

10. Your best smile

Remember, there are always photographers taking great action shots of you and your horse. Once the ride has finished, I always look forward to collecting our rosette and seeing our pictures, With this in mind, make sure you're always smiling!

Do you have anything you would add to this checklist? Share your thoughts in the comments below!