Jump like a pro, as SPILLERS Competition Nutritionist, Yvonne Judith, gets the inside scoop from International Showjumper Tim Stockdale, on his 3 all-time favourite showjumping exercises!


Showjumping Exercise #1 - Canter Poles

Four canter poles placed 3.6m apart from each other - This is a great exercise to gain control, lengthening and shortening your horse's stride

Tim Stockdale says:

  • Rhythm is key when trying to jump single fences
  • The poles are placed to help steady the horse and to regulate the canter stride
  • When horses try and rush towards the fence they can either get too close or stand too far off the fence

Showjumping Exercise #2 - The "before and after" placing pole:

Placing pole > 13.5m > Small Cross Pole 13.5m Placing Pole - This exercise helps to develop a smooth and regular stride.

Tim Stockdale says:

  • If the horse is lacking regularity within their stride, it can be a problem when advancing to bigger fences or related distances.
  • This exercise will help to get the right stride before the fence and achieve a balanced landing without rushing after the fence.


Showjumping Exercise #3 - The Clock Face

4 small cross poles on a 20m circle – This is a great showjumping exercise to improve your horse’s balance, control and rhythm.

Tim Stockdale says:

  • Start by jumping just one of the cross poles and then gradually introduce more of the fences on the circle until you jump all four
  • Be considerate of your horses bend, rhythm and control
  • It is important to work your horses equally on both reins
  • You can increase the height and size of fences with a more established horse and rider


Tim’s Showjumping Tale

Tim has now represented his country on over 50 occasions in Nations’ Cup teams including, the 2002 World Equestrian Games, the 2008 Olympic Games in China and the 2009 European Championships. In early 2010, he served as Chef d’Equipe for the victorious Great Britain team in Nations’ Cup contest in Abu Dhabi. Want find out more about Tim, visit www.timstockdale.com for more hints, tips and the latest on his training.

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