To weigh or not to weigh? Why use a feed company for your weigh clinic consultations.

Ten years ago finding out an accurate weight for your horse or pony was near impossible, weigh tapes, complicated equations, a trip to your local lorry weigh station was the best you could do. Fast forward to today and arranging a weigh bridge to visit your yard is easy and offered by most reputable feed companies and even some independent consultants.

So why choose SPILLERS to provide your weigh clinic experience.

- Nutritionists employed by SPILLERS have access to up to date science and research which will help them to provide the best nutritional and management advice for each individual horse.

- SPILLERS invest heavily in research and in continued education of all their nutritionists. We publish one scientific blog per month and collaborate with vets, nutritionists and researchers all over the world to further our understanding on key areas such as laminitis, obesity and senior horse nutrition.

- It is a common myth that feed companies will be pushy and “will do anything for a sale” SPILLERS nutritionists are different, in fact in a recent survey of 100 horse owners who have used the weigh clinic service in 2018 99% said they would recommend the service to their friends, with owners saying;

“Was a great service and so useful to know what my horse weighs”

“Brilliant lady, so patient and was full of advice”

“Yes much better experience than last weighbridge from a different company”

- SPILLERS have a large range of products in their range to enable their nutritionists to provide a product solution for every horse; but rest assured if they think you would find a better solution elsewhere they would certainly advise it.

- As horse owners ourselves we understand it can be difficult to take time off work or from looking after the kids for all those necessary horsey appointments. SPILLERS nutritionists try to be flexible by offering evening as well as daytime appointments alongside weekend slots for those yards with over 30 horses.

- Moving with the times the SPILLERS weigh clinic service offers you the opportunity to sign up for your own personal SPILLERS Record a FREE online tool that allows you to access your horse’s bodyweight, body condition score and nutritional recommendation throughout the year. Set up reminders to keep up to date with your horse’s key appointments, and speak to a Care-Line nutritionist whenever you need to.

- It’s FREE!! Not often will you hear that in the horse world and you will even receive a £5 voucher to use against your first purchase should you want to give a SPILLERS product a go.


So why wouldn’t you book you next weigh clinic with SPILLERS?

To book your FREE weigh clinic for 10 or more horses contact the SPILLERS Care-Line on 01908 226626 or visit