Yard vs. office job - This is a lifelong debate that I’m sure as horse lovers, we have all been engaged in at one stage in our lives. But which is better? Working with our favourite animals is surely the dream, but would you give up the comfort of the warm office to brave the outside world? We’ve come up with some pros and cons for you to ponder if you’re considering a change in career…

Fresh glorious air / Sun Sun Sun

Its summer time, the sun is shining, the days are long and there isn’t a single cloud in the sky. It’s a beautiful sight (and a rare one in the U.K.)...then you remember that you have to sit inside all day from 9-5 because you work in an office. Although the aircon stops you from melting in your suit, you find yourself looking longingly out of the window wanting to be out soaking up the sun’s rays. It is at this very moment that you wish you could have an outdoor job. Just picture yourself getting to work outside all day, riding in the glorious sunshine and building up a glowing tan! But when it comes to winter, it’s a whole other story.

It’s raining, the ice-cold wind is howling and you can’t feel your face anymore having been outside for what seems like hours. You have to wear 12 layers just to maintain some warmth and you’re not entirely sure whether you still have toes. It is at this moment that, all of a sudden, the office job becomes the dream. Being in the warm, heated office with a constant supply of hot drinks and the ability to maintain feeling in all body parts.




Being in an office can have its moments and granted sitting in a comfy chair can never be a downer, but sitting down all day comes at a cost! When you’ve finished eating your second slice of cake (because let’s face it every day is cake day) closely followed by your sandwiches and then maybe another slice of cake with your afternoon coffee, you look down and see regret slowly creeping in.

Cue yard job envy. Sure working on a yard is hard work, but mucking out all of those stables, carrying those water buckets and riding all of those horses leads to solid biceps and thighs of steel. Eating those biscuits doesn’t feel so terrible when you’re on the move all day…

yard job


8 Days a week?

So we can’t deny that working on a yard can mean long hours and sometimes you have to work weekends (horses can’t look after themselves after all!) but it does mean you can manage your time better and extra riding! Be your own boss by going freelance! Or see the world whilst travelling to different competitions.

What to wear

Working on a yard means wearing whatever you like without having to worry about coordinating your shoes with your trousers. And if you’re prepared to get a bit mucky and smell like horses then this is the job for you. If you prefer the clean, perfumed approach then the office may be the way forward.


Being able to ride all day would make us very happy, come rain or shine, we’d rather be spending as much time with our little darlings as possible. There are pros and cons to both jobs…but which do you prefer?