Find the right feed for your horse

We've grouped our feeds in to ten categories so that you can easily find the most suitable products based on your horse's individual needs.


Fibre is fundamental to the health of every horse & pony. Explore our range of short chopped fibres

Low energy

Our feed room essentials are ideal for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements


High in nutrients but low in calories, ideal for balancing forage based diets

Clinical Nutrition

Feeds specifically formulated for horses prone to laminitis, gastric ulcers or have poor dentistry


Our senior feeds are veterinary approved so you can rest assured your senior horse is completely cared for


Optimise condition without excitable behaviour with the SPILLERS Conditioning range


Nutrition influences every stage of life, that’s why our Stud range covers the full breeding cycle


Power your winners with our Racing range, designed to support your horse’s athletic performance


Feeds formulated to support optimum condition and help your horse reach their full potential


Reward them with a nutritious and delicious treat…or two

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Check out our extensive range of tried and trusted feeds.

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