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Find out which of our feeds is most suited to your horse or pony.

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Supporting your horse

Our nutritionists are on hand to answer any queries you may have, offer practical advice or work with you to develop a tailored diet plan for your horse or pony. The team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and are contactable by email or phone. You can even request a call back at a time that is most convenient to you. 

Help & Advice

Nutritional Topics Nutritional Topics

An overview of the nutritionally related issues we may face as horse owners.

Nutritional Topics

Feed Finder Feed Finder

The Feed Finder tool will take you through a series of up to 10 questions, and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It will give you a suggested product that may be suitable for your horse based on the answers you have provided. Always contact the Care-Line for a specific recommendation for your horse or pony.

Nutrition FAQs Nutrition FAQs

Here, we have put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the Care-Line. Some of the most common topics include laminitis, weight management, how to manage excitability and feeding horses with feed allergies. Find out the truth about sugar and molasses here too!

Weight Management Tools Weight Management Tools

Weight management can be a challenge for many horse owners which is why we've created an area dedicated to helping you monitor your horse or pony's condition. Whether you have a good doer or poor doer, these tools should equip you with all the information you need to keep on top of the challenge.

Feeding Guide Feeding Guide

Wondering how much to feed your horse or pony? In this section of the site you will find all the help you need to identify the right quantity to feed to your horse. We've even included a ration calculator to help give you an estimate on how much to feed. Remember, if you have any doubt, contact the Care-Line for specific advice.

Glossary Glossary


Finding the right feed can feel like navigating a minefield, so we've created this A-Z glossary of terms to make sure that finding the right product or designing your horse's diet is not hindered by technical terms or phrases!

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Fibre is fundamental to the health of every horse and pony, their digestive system has evolved ov...

Low energy
Low energy

Looking for a traditional low energy feed ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work? SP...


A balanced diet is key to good health, but as many horses and ponies don’t need the recomme...

Good doers / Laminitis
Good doers / Laminitis

If your horse or pony lives on ‘fresh air’ you are not alone; but feeding less calori...


As horses age they sometimes need a little more care; some maintain their weight well on forage a...


Some horses and ponies need extra calories and nutrition in order to build and maintain ideal con...


Nutrition influences every stage of life, even before we were born what our mothers ate prior to ...


The racehorse is the ultimate equine athlete and fuelling this athletic performance is key to unl...


Feeding a competition horse is definitely an art as well as a science, the challenges are wide an...


Every owner loves that moment when your horse or pony’s ears prick up and he whinnies to yo...

Happy Hoof® Happy Hoof® For Those Prone to Laminitis View product
Happy Hoof® Molasses Free Happy Hoof® Molasses Free For Those Prone to Laminitis View product
Conditioning Fibre Conditioning Fibre Healthy condition & coat shine from within View product
Horse & Pony Cubes Horse & Pony Cubes For Optimum Vitality View product
Cool Mix™ Cool Mix™ Naturally Balanced Energy View product
Meadow® Herb Mix Meadow® Herb Mix The tasty non-heating herbal mix View product
Lite + Lean Balancer Lite + Lean Balancer Provides the nutrients to Balance a Calorie Restricted Diet View product
Original Multi Balancer Original Multi Balancer Provides the nutrients needed every day plus Digestive, Immune & Hoof support View product
Supple + Senior Balancer Supple + Senior Balancer For daily joint support & complete nutritional care View product
Happy Hoof® Happy Hoof® For Those Prone to Laminitis View product
Happy Hoof® Molasses Free Happy Hoof® Molasses Free For Those Prone to Laminitis View product
High Fibre Cubes High Fibre Cubes For Great Gut Health View product
Senior Complete Care Mix Senior Complete Care Mix Helping to keep them young at heart View product
Senior Super-Mash Senior Super-Mash The ultimate senior mash for condition & gut health View product
Senior Conditioning Mix Senior Conditioning Mix Ultimate nutrition for horses requiring weight gain View product
Conditioning Mix Conditioning Mix Improves topline without excitability View product
Conditioning Cubes Conditioning Cubes Improves topline without excitability View product
Conditioning Fibre Conditioning Fibre Healthy condition & coat shine from within View product
Youngstock Pellets Youngstock Pellets Advanced nutrition for foals and yearlings View product
Stud Cubes Stud Cubes Advanced nutrition for broodmares and youngstock View product
Stud and Youngstock Mix Stud and Youngstock Mix Advanced nutrition for broodmares, foals and youngstock View product
Racing Mix Racing Mix High Performance, High Energy View product
Racehorse Cubes Racehorse Cubes High Performance, High Energy View product
HDF® Power Mix HDF® Power Mix High Fibre, High Energy racing feed View product
Alfalfa-Pro Fibre Alfalfa-Pro Fibre Pure Alfalfa blend with oil for optimum condition View product
Response® Slow Release Energy Cubes Response® Slow Release Energy Cubes Ideal for excitable competition horses View product
Response® Slow Release Energy Mix Response® Slow Release Energy Mix Ideal for excitable competition horses View product
Meadow® Herb Treats 1kg Meadow® Herb Treats 1kg A tasty treat made from the best quality herbs. View product
Spearmint Treats Spearmint Treats A tasty treat made with the delicious taste of spearmint. View product
Apple Treats Apple Treats A tasty treat made with the delicious taste of apples. View product

As horse owners ourselves, we know how important it is to get every element of your horse's care right. That's why we are committed to supplying both expert nutritional advice and quality feeds as nutrition plays a key role in their care. Within this site, you'll find information on some of the clinical conditions that could affect the health of your horse and how they can be supported through nutrition, the science behind SPILLERS, our quality standards and of course our products. 

Whether you compete, enjoy hacking or simply love spending time with your equine friend, you'll find everything you need to know about how to get the best from feeding. 

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