SPILLERS Nutrition & Feeding Clinics

We have a small team of experienced equine nutrition advisors who are able to offer:

  • A Nutrition & Feeding Clinic at your yard. Ideal for owner(s) of 10+ horses who would like to receive feeding advice and tailored diet plans for each horse.
  • A virtual Nutrition & Feeding Clinic for situations where there are less than 10 horses on the yard but the owner(s) would still like to receive feeding advice and tailored diet plans for each horse.
  • Riding camp visits for either educational talks on nutrition or a Nutrition & Feeding Clinic for individual owners
  • Training centres visits for educational talks on nutrition.
  • Visits to other equine events such as sponsored rides to offer Nutrition & Feeding Clinics to individual owners.

What happens at a SPILLERS Nutrition & Feeding Clinic:

  • Our nutrition advisor will first get to know your horse or pony by asking a number of questions about their health, routine and current feeding programme which helps them to determine whether any changes to their diet are required.
  • Our nutrition advisor will then body condition score your horse or pony so that they can assess their current body condition. They will give you appropriate advice based on their assessment and also use this information again to determine whether any changes to their diet required. The nutrition advisors will also show you how to body condition score your horse or pony so that you can use this method regularly to monitor their weight.
  • If it’s appropriate, our nutrition advisor may also want to weigh your horse or pony on our portable weighbridge to assist with gaining further information in order to be able to provide ration advice.
  • Our nutrition advisor will then be able to provide feeding and product recommendations and offer you a tailored diet plan for your horse or pony.
  • There will also be plenty of opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have on feeding and nutrition.


Please note that it is a FREE service that we offer. If you do not wish to receive feeding advice and purely want a weighing service we recommend that you contact your vet or local weighbridge service. In addition public weighbridges can be used to weigh your horse transport with or without your horses and ponies loaded. To find your nearest public weighbridge visit https://www.gov.uk/find-weighbridge.


Due to the high demand for the service and that we only have a small team managing it, it may take up to 10 working days after you make your request for one of our nutrition advisors to be in contact to discuss your requirements. Whilst we endeavour to fulfil all requests on occasion it may not be possible to meet your requirements.


How to book

If you would like to book a SPILLERS Nutrition & Feeding Clinic please either complete the form below or call 01908 226626.

The personal data submitted via this form will be retained only for the purpose of responding to your question or concern and will not be used for marketing purposes. You must be 16 years old or order to submit a form.

Nutrition & Feeding Clinic
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Our Nutrition Team are on hand Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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