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Further guidance

Total Daily Feed Intake

The following table can be used as a guide to estimating your horse/ pony’s total daily feed requirements but regular body condition scoring is a useful and more practical way of assessing whether they may need to increase or decrease their daily intake.

Total Daily Appetite (% bodyweight/ day)
Overweight 1.5
Pregnant mares (1-8 months)
Light work
Medium work 2.25
Heavy work
Pregnant mares (9-11 months)
Lactating mares
Breeding stallions


Forage should be the foundation of every horse/ pony’s diet and fed ad-lib (as much as they will eat) where ever possible. For good doers, total forage intake should not be restricted to less than 1.5% of bodyweight (DM) per day. Visit the FAQ’s for tips on how to feed forage.

Height (hh) Approximate weight (kg) Minimum daily forage intake (kg/ day DM including grazing)
10-11.3 150-200 2.5-3
12-12.3 200-250 3-4
13-13.3 300-350 4.5-5
14-14.3 400-450 6-7
15-15.3 500-550 7.5-8

Compound Feeds

Compound feeds (mixes and cubes) are formulated to provide a balanced diet when fed at the recommended ration in conjunction with suitable forage.

The following table can be used a guide to for calculating the level of feed required to provide a balanced diet for horses at rest or in light work.

Height (hh) Approximate weight (kg) Recommended ration of compound feed (kg/ day)
12-12.3 200-250 1-1.5
13-13.3 300-350 2
14-14.3 400-450 2.5-3
15-15.3 500-550 3-3.5
16-16.3 600-650 3.5-4

Balancer Feeding Rates

With the exception of SPILLERS GRO ‘N WIN®, all SPILLERS® Balancers are designed to be fed at a rate of 100g per 100kg of per day if fed alongside forage alone.

Height (hh) Approximate weight (kg) SPILLERS® Balancer fed alongside forage only (g/ day) SPILLERS® Balancer fed alongside compound feed (g/ day)*
12-12.3 200-250 200 100
13-13.3 300-350 300 200
14-14.3 400-450 400 300
15-15.3 500-550 500 400
16-16.3 600-650 600 500

*As a guide we recommend feeding half the balancer if feeding half of the recommend ration of compound feed.

SPILLERS GRO ‘N WIN® Feeding Rates – Pregnant & Lactating Mares

Height (hh) Approximate weight (kg) Pregnant (9-11 months) Lactating (1-3 months) Lactating (4-6 months)
12-12.3 200-250 400g 600g 400g
13-13.3 300-350 600g 900g 600g
14-14.3 400-450 800g 1.2kg 800g
15-15.3 500-550 1kg 1.5kg 1kg
16-16.3 600-650 1.2kg 1.8kg 1.2kg

SPILLERS GRO ‘N WIN® Feeding Rates – Growing Horses

Estimated adult bodyweight (kg) 3-6 months 6-18 months 18-24 months
200-250 200g 400g 200g
300-350 300g 600g 300g
400-450 400g 800g 400g
500-550 500g 1kg 500g
600-650 600g 1.2kg 600g

Weighing your Feed

Horses are fed by weight not volume. As the density of feeds and forage varies considerably, we would always recommend them regularly. However the following table can be used as a guide.

  Approximate Weight Approximate Weight Stubbs scoop (2.5l)
Section of hay (small rectangular bale) 2kg  
Bale of hay (small rectangular bale) 20kg  
Small bale of haylage 200kg  
Large bale of haylage 25kg  
Cubes   1.8-2.3
Mix   1.5
SPILLERS® Fibre   500-600g
Chopped Fibre (such as alfalfa/ alfalfa & straw without pellets)   300-400g
Molassed chaff   250g