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Feeding horses in box rest or during recovery

Laminitis in its simplest sense is inflammation of the laminae (the soft tissue that attaches the pedal bone to the inner hoof wall) causing pain and lameness.

  • lameness
  • laminitis
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Tying Up
  • Colic
  • Viruses

 Laminitis is likely to be the result of a complex cascade of events which may involve multiple systems within the body.


  • Try to provide ad-lib hay/ haylage in the field as well as the stable if grazing is limited or of poor quality
  • Haylage is not automatically higher in energy (calories), protein or sugar as commonly thought. The only way to assess the nutritional value of any forage is to have it analysed
  • Forage provides the largest source of calories in the horse's diet - look for hay/ forage replacers for those no longer able to graze or chew long fibre. You can find out more about feeding hay replacers here


  • Ensure muzzles fit correctly and check for signs of rubbing or discomfort regularly
  • Introduce your horse/ pony to wearing a muzzle gradually and ensure he is happy to graze and drink before leaving him unsupervised
  • Keep an eye on grass length - grass that is too long or too short may be completely inaccessible
  • Monitor herd behaviour to ensure those wearing muzzles are not bullied and are allowed access to water