As horses age they sometimes need a little more care; some maintain their weight well on forage alone requiring a balancer, others lose weight and require a conditioning feed, some struggle with their teeth requiring a mash, whilst others thrive on their normal feed.

This is why SPILLERS have designed a flexible range of veteran and senior friendly feeds to ensure your senior horse is completely cared for, and for extra reassurance our range is the first to be veterinary approved.

Look out for our Senior Friendly logo to help you choose the most suitable feed for your veteran horse or pony.

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  1. Helping to keep them young at heart
  2. The ultimate senior mash for condition & gut health
  3. Ultimate nutrition for horses requiring weight gain
  4. Multi-vitamin and mineral balancer with added joint support
  5. High oil alfalfa blend for optimum condition and digestive support
  6. Super-fast soaking sugar beet blend for all horses and ponies
  7. For Those Prone to Laminitis
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