Fibre is fundamental to the health of every horse and pony, their digestive system has evolved over thousands of years to digest it and a lack of it in the diet can contribute to many of the health issues that we see today. SPILLERS range of chopped fibres are unique in that they can be used to complement traditional compounds feeds, to provide the whole bucket feed or in the case of SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF be used to completely replace hay.  

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  1. Ultra-low starch, high oil fibre feed for those prone to gastric ulcers
  2. For Those Prone to Laminitis
  3. Healthy condition & coat shine from within
  4. Pure Alfalfa blend with oil for optimum condition
  5. Triple fibre blend for maximum fibre goodness
  6. Super-fast soaking sugar beet blend for all horses and ponies
  7. The ultimate senior mash for condition & gut health
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